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February’s Book of the Month is The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley!

Book Cover of The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley purple font with a three story building and balconies behind font.
Book Cover of The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley via Amazon

We read The Guest List by Lucy Foley in 2022 and it was the resounding winner of favorite book of the year. Can another book by her take the 2024 title?! The Paris Apartment is a similar style book – a duel timeline story that lets you know the ending right from the start, but is the ending reality? Is it actually what it seems to be? You have to read to the end to figure it out!

I will note that I listened to this on audio and keeping all of the characters straight on audio was hard for me. There are quite a few people in this building and they all play a role in the final outcome of the story. And because it is set in Paris, the French accents on audio gave me a little trouble to start off. If you’re an audio girlie, I recommend listening to this one on a lower speed than you usually listen (if you’re like me and listen on 2 – 2.5X for everything). If you’re a print gal, you’ll be just fine!

The Paris Apartment Summary:

Jess comes to Paris to stay with her brother Ben. She’s getting away from her life and trying to start over. But when she arrives at Ben’s apartment, he is no where to be found and no one around seems worried that her brother is missing. As she asks questions to the other tenants, she realizes that everyone is lying to her and something sinister is happening in the building. Ben’s friend offers to take her to the police to help investigate her brother’s disappearance and Jess is glad that someone else believes her that Ben is in trouble. With everyone keeping secrets and when intentions are made known, will Jess find her brother before it is too late?

The Paris Apartment Pacing Guide:

February 4 – 9: Prologue – Chapter 19

February 10 – 15: Chapter 20 – 40

February 16 – 21: Chapters 41 – 59

February 22 – 27: Chapter 60 – Epilogue

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