Overcome math anxiety this back-to-school season


Overcome math anxiety this back-to-school season

Numbers are woven into the fabric of our society, whether we like it or not. Math is needed to pursue degrees like engineering, calculate a customer’s change, or cook for your family.  However, many times, math is what closes doors for many people. Whether you are actively looking for a job and avoid a position due to the math tied with the role, or a student who wants to pursue a certain major but is disheartened due to the number of advanced math classes involved, more often than not, a number of people are not confident in their math skills.

It is clear that math is critical in a child’s education.

There’s a veil of math anxiety that pervades classrooms, homes, and offices. Unfortunately, it isn’t just an idea or feeling of fear, but can be mentally and physically blocking children from unlocking their full potential. This anxiety can be stressful and can appear in a myriad of situations. Math should be a skill that can help present opportunities for children and ensure doors remain open.


How can we minimize or avoid math anxiety?

This might seem obvious, but practice, practice, practice. Yes, helping children adjust their attitude towards the subject and approaching it with a positive light can be the first step. However, it’s only through consistent practice that can children really learn to master the fundamentals and see their math confidence grow! 

Help your child start the back-to-school season strong by sharpening their math skills with Smartick.  

Smartick is a leading AI math program for children ages 4-14 that adapts to each child’s math needs and learning pace. It consists of daily 15-minute sessions and can help your child master the math foundations, develop critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The Smartick curriculum entails arithmetic, word problems, logic, and coding. Whether your child is behind and needs to fill in the learning gaps, or wants to excel beyond everyday lessons. Smartick can benefit your child due to the personalized learning provided by the sophisticated AI.  


Smartick has collaborated with the MIT G-Lab, published by Harvard Business Review, and spotlighted as an Apple app favorite. Thousands of children are working towards a brighter future with their Smartick sessions.  

Experience Smartick firsthand by registering for the free 15-day trial by clicking here. If you decide to continue with Smartick after the trial, you have an exclusive 25% discount off your very first subscription. You can always reach out directly at [email protected] or call 617 903 8842. The Smartick team will be happy to help!  


What do parents and teachers have to say about Smartick?   

  • ̈Smartick is an intelligent, sophisticated program that individually targets each student’s own needs.¨ – Dr. Barbara Oakley, NY Times best-seller, professor at Oakland University, and co-teacher of world’s most popular MOOC, ̈Learning How to Learn.¨ 
  • ̈The most interesting aspect about Smartick is that it adapts. It challenges your child to learn more each day.¨ – Venetia, mom and operatic soprano  
  • ¨I definitely do think that Smartick has given that extra bit of confidence.¨ – Colleen, mom and Biology teacher   

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