Random Acts of Kindness Day


National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today (February 17th) is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and the perfect opportunity to show our kiddos how simple it is to spread kindness.
It is a day that we can use to teach our kids a valuable life lesson about love and kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Here are 10 simple ways to be kind:

  1. Volunteer at the local pet rescue, homeless shelter or food bank
  2. Leave an encouraging note on a rock or decorate a rock and hide it in their neighborhood or at school
  3. Make cards for the elderly, our troops, kids in local foster homes, first responders or children in local hospitals
  4. Donate gently used books to a little library (littlelibrary.com for locations)
  5. Give compliments all day and to anyone. Encourage your children to smile at people and open doors for others
  6. Be helpful to neighbors by offering to help with chores, mow the lawn, wash the car, take out the trash or recycling bins
  7. Clean out and donate gently used toys to kids less fortunate
  8. Give the lawman, mailman etc. a cold water
  9. Get a group of friends and walk the neighborhood/town park/school/beach picking up trash
  10. And as parents, we can pay it forward at the drive thru or coffee shop, or by packing compassion bags and have them ready to give to the homeless. 
Share your ideas below! What’s your favorite way to share random acts of kindness? 


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