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It is no secret that I love to read. My “to be read” list is miles long, and that’s just books that are already published! Books yet to be published are also on my radar and I have a handful that I am beyond excited about. Many of them are parts of series that I recently recommended for your summer binge reading. The other books in the series were all so good that I am confident the next books will be just as amazing!

Here are my most anticipated books to be released in 2023:

Unforgettable (Landmark Mountain #1) by Willow Aster coming April 20th.

This book follows Jamison Ledger. I met Jamison in “Autumn Nights” that follows his brother Zac’s love story with Autumn Winters. Zac is literally book boyfriend goals, so I have no doubt that his brother will also be swoon worthy. I also love the start of a new series of books by an author I already love, and I know this book is that!

Sing your Secrets by Kay Cove coming April 27th.

I will sing (pun intended) praises about Kay Cove any day of the week. The girls she has already created in this Love, Me and the 303 series are incredible women, so I am confident that Reese’s story will be just as amazing. I adore series of books that follow strong friendships between strong women, and this series is top notch. Amani’s story is also scheduled to come out this year and will be the final book in this series… I am so so sad to see these women go.

King of Pride by Ana Huang coming April 27th.

This book follows “King of Wrath” that is tied into the Twisted series. It is the second in a series that will go on to feature each of the seven deadly sins, so we are anticipating 5 more books! I love the anticipation of more books in a series and then being able to add it to my list of recommendations to be binge read later. The Twisted series was phenomenal, so I have no doubt that Ana will stun us once again.

Queen Charlotte by Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes coming May 9th.

Ever since Julia Quinn announced that she was teaming up with Shona Rhimes for this book, it has been on my wish list. I loved the Bridgerton siblings’ books as well as the Netflix show. This book, as well as the show, will follow the love story of Queen Charlotte and King George. It releases on Netflix on May 4th, and the book comes out a couple days later!

Crimson River by Devney Perry coming June 15th.

Remember when I said I love a series of books that follows a close knit family? Well, the Edens are one such family. Four of the other Eden siblings (Griffin, Knox, Talia and Eloise) already have their books. This book is about Talia’s twin, Lyla. Matteo’s book is also coming eventually to round out the siblings. Crimson River will also have undertones of mystery like Indigo Ridge had, and I love this element in a romance novel. Lyla leaves for a hike at the end of the last book, Jasper Vale, and the previews suggest she runs into a man washing blood off his body with a massive scar on his face. A detective arrives in town after her run in because he believes the man in the woods is someone he has been hunting for years. These two team up to track the man down and eventually fall in love. Once again, I anticipate this book will lead into Matteo’s story and I am sure that one will make it onto another list of anticipated reads!

Love Redesigned (Lake Front Billionaires #1) by Lauren Asher coming November 7th.

Lauren Asher can do no wrong in my opinion. I loved her Dirty Air and Dreamland Billionaire series, so when she announced the start of a new series, I knew I would read it as soon as it comes out. I literally know next to nothing about this book, but regardless, I know I will read it. This series is set in the town that is featured in “Final Offer,” the last of the books in her Dreamland Billionaires series… and that’s about as much as I know.

What are your most anticipated reads of 2023?


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