Stinky House?

This post has been sponsored by Fresh Wave Works, a favorite product of Orlando Moms Blog contributors. All opinions below are 100% our own. 

OK mamas, let’s start naming all of the funky odors that can waft through our home on a daily basis.

The diaper pail
The shoe area
My teenager son’s bedroom
My teenager son’s closet
My teenager son’s backpack
My teenager son’s shoes
My teenager son’s sports equipment
My teenager son’s EVERYTHING
My preteen daughter entering puberty
The kid’s bathroom
The guest bathroom
My bathroom (wha?! I’m fresh as a daisy!)
The recycling bin
Did I mention the diaper pail?
The musty laundry room
The moth ball smelling closet
The car with the forgotten string cheese packet and smushed applesauce on the seat and the rotten milk spilt in the carseat and the half eaten Gogurt package and the chicken nuggets and the blowout diaper that you tucked under the seat and forgot.

Just to name a few.

The Orlando Moms Blog executive team took on a Fresh Wave challenge within our homes to see if it truly could entirely eliminate bad smells without relying on harmful chemicals. Fresh Wave states that their products are made of natural ingredients, and they’re safe to use around people and pets.

Fresh Wave Full Product Set

Here’s Lisa’s experience –

LisaI’m not a candle lover. Yes, you read that right. Candles are not something that I welcome willingly into my home. Call me crunchy, call me eco-conscious, call me being mindful or crazy, but I am just not a fan of chemicals being burned and inhaled in my own home.

BUT I was truly getting irritated with the smell of our house – a big dog and older home (pretty sure the previous owner was obsessed with moth balls) do not mix well! Well my husband came home with two new candles which also happened to be the same day I received and opened two Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel containers and put one in the living room and one in the bedroom near the dog bed.

And voila, the beautiful scent that emerged was not only delightful but comforting. As the weeks when on, I forgot about them and that made me truly confident in their odor removing abilities. I am very happy with our candle replacements!

And here’s my experience with Fresh Wave –

Kristi CorleyI have a 12 year old daughter entering puberty, a 15 year old son (I could stop right there), and an almost 17 year old daughter. I’m long past the days of diaper pails and milk-stained carseats. But I remember those smells vividly. And I must say, the smells around the home and car do NOT get better as the kiddos get older.

The girls share a bathroom. They do pretty well at keeping it tidy. But there is one thing that you just can’t escape. The hormone years. They do their best with their hygiene, and I would be breaking a mom-daughter code if I put any specifics here, so just take me at my word that Fresh Wave in a preteen and teenage daughter’s bathroom is a must.

Kristi-DrewNow, on to the major odor causing phenomenon in my home…my son. Oh my good Lord. I don’t know how those kinds of smells can come from one person. His shoes. His football gear. His baseball gear. His bed. His sock drawer. And oh sweet Jesus, his bathroom. That was the one room that I knew needed the Fresh Wave first. If there was any room that would be put to the test, it would be the guest bathroom, which he has claimed as his own. And when you know that that is the room that you offer to guests when they are visiting, it was imperative that I get a handle on it. STAT.

The very first day I placed Fresh Wave in his bathroom, I didn’t say anything. Just waited out of curiosity if the household would say anything. Later that afternoon, like music to my ears (and roses to my nose), my son tells me, “Mom, whatever you did to my bathroom, I like it.”

Day by day, the odor disappeared. No sprays. No chemicals. Just Fresh Wave.

If you’d like to give Fresh Wave a try, visit their website to find a Target store near you where product is exclusively available. Or follow along on social media for sales, exclusive offers, and coupons!

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