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If you have never read a book by Layla Hagen before, take this as a sign to start! She is an auto buy/read author for me. I did get to read this before it’s published on April 5th, so thank you to Wildfire Marketing for the early copy (all thoughts are my own and not impacted by receiving the ebook early).

The Flirt by Layla Hagen book cover via Amazon - green to pink ombre behind a man in a suit
The Flirt book cover via Amazon

This is the start of a brand new series following the six LeBlanc brothers and I cannot wait for more to come! As with many of her series, this one will follow an affluent family in New Orleans and the siblings journey to finding love. Reading this book felt like I was back in NOLA – the immersion and world building of this vibrant city was done so well. She includes much of the history and traditions of the city as a way to pull you into the story. I’m ready to read back to the real city of this story!

Scarlett is also a fan of the show the Vampire Diaries and the Originals (as am I) and the joy that the connection between the shows and the city she’s living in just made me love her as a character.

The Flirt Summary:

Scarlett moves to New Orleans for a job as the head chef at a restaurant in the heart of the city. She’s looking to start over after a bad break up in Seattle. Chad LeBlanc is her boss and he is determined to help her discover the city in all of the ways that she’s dreamed of. They go on ghost tours, eat beignets, drink espresso and attend events that are all so very New Orleans. Chad is also a single dad to an adorable little girl who bonds with Scarlett immediately through cooking. Despite him being her boss, these two cannot stay away from each other and they decide to date. But will their pasts come between them?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, 🌶️ 🌶️

The Flirt is Perfect if you Love Books with:

☕️ Single Dad

☕️ Boss/employee

☕️ Billionaire

☕️ No 3rd act breakup

Favorite Quotes:

“Something about Scarlett simply demanded raw honesty.”

“I’ll have to double my efforts so she feels at ease.”

“How could this woman be so beautiful?”

“Just so you know, you’ll be getting beignets from a. different bakery each day.”

“I feel like you’re only expecting the bare minimum from people. Usually that happens because you only got the bare minimum.”

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