The Home Stretch: Last Day of School Reminders for Busy Moms


The countdown is ON until the last day of school (this is not a drill Moms!), now is the time to make your last day of school checklists because if you’re like me, your mom brain is on overdrive and close to burning up, and I don’t want to forget anything!

Take all the Photos

  • Capture those last moments of the school year — spirit days, last days with good friends, the last day of school.
  • If you used a chalkboard sign for the first day of school, update it for the last day of school and see how far your student really has come.

Memory Books

  • If you want to do the “Oh the Places You Will Go” memory book, where each year, your child’s teachers sign this famous Dr. Seuss book, now is the time to purchase that if they are Kindergarteners or to dig it out if it’s buried in your child’s room!
  • Or, if you want to put together a mini-yearbook by putting together a photo book from a service like Shutterfly, start putting that together now so it’s printed in time for your child to get autographs from teachers and friends.
  • If you ordered a yearbook, remember to pick it up and gather those signatures.

Thank Yous

  • Yes, teacher appreciation is in early May, but do something again the last week of school for your child’s teacher — whether it’s a handwritten thank you note, small gift or even a class photo. It’s always a good time to recognize this important person in your child’s educational journey.
  • Remember your child’s other teachers: dance, karate, swim, religious instructors as well.

Prepare for Summer

  • Check on those summer camp dates and registrations.
  • Go on a summer getaway or refer to the Orlando Moms Blog event calendar for the latest fun happenings!
  • Participate in your school’s recommended summer reading list or head to the local library and take advantage of their summer programs!
  • Kids love to see how much they’ve grown while parents have a twinge of sadness as they realize their babies aren’t really babies anymore. So do a check of measurements now — shoe sizes, clothes etc so you can spread out back to school shopping instead of all at the end of the break. While you’re measuring, measure your child’s height and weight for their baby stats book and update any emergency information as well in your home.
  • Get those Well Visits and forms done now! Schedule your child’s Doctor appointment and avoid the end-of-summer rush.

For the Kids to Complete:

  • Check the school’s lost and found for any missing items.
  • Check under the bed and return any school supplies or library books.
  • Clean out backpack/bookbag.

Pencil in August dates

  • Even if you don’t have the exact date of classroom orientation, look at the 2018 calendar to get an idea of when it was held last year and plan accordingly. On that note, although it’s not officially announced, the tax-free weekend in Florida would be August 2-4. 2019.

We survived another year Moms! See you on the other side of summer with coffee in one hand and my camera phone in the other to capture more memories, as well as a little bit of sand still left over in our minivan from summer adventures!


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