The Mom Purse


I ordered this cute little crossbody bag for myself late in the evening on Cyber Monday.  It looks great in my closet.  I’m sure I’ll have an occasion to use it sometime soon, but most days I carry a “Mom Purse.”

cute little cross body bag
Cute little cross body body bag

It’s been eight years since I’ve carried a diaper bag.  Even without diapers and wipes and bottles and binkies and crushed Cheerios, I’ve yet to transition back to a small purse.  I remember back in the day when my purse held my wallet, keys and lipstick.  Today my Mom Purse is simply an extension of our house that I lug around wherever we go.  Out of curiosity, I just emptied it out.  Here are just a few of the essentials it contained — band-aids, bug bite cream, hair ties, lip balm, kleenex, cough drops, hand sanitizer, paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, and a nail file.

everyday essentials
Every day essentials

And then there’s the unexpected stuff that others tuck in my purse for safekeeping.  Over the years that’s morphed from dirty socks worn at bounce house parties, happy meal toys, and half eaten lollipops wrapped in napkins, to iPods, chargers, ticket stubs, sunglasses, jewelry and hair accessories.  Oh, and half eaten candy.

Most days this is the kind of bag I carry – it’s roomy and washable.

tried and true Vera Bradey Villager
Tried and true Vera Bradey Villager

I recently felt a little self-conscious about my tote bag purse while I was waiting for the elevator at work next to some twenty-somethings sporting chic purses and high heels.  So I made a trip to the mall and to TJ Maxx and settled on this purse.  It’s roomy but doesn’t scream, “I’m a Mom Purse.”  Unless, of course, you look inside it.

Mom Purse in disguise
Mom Purse in disguise

The Winter issue of The Moms Magazine highlights a few must haves in your mom bag. Check them out, then share what essentials YOU always carry in your Mom Purse!

The Winter issue of The Moms Magazine Mom Bag Must Haves!
The Winter issue of The Moms Magazine Mom Bag Must Haves!




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