The Baby Monitor System All New Moms Need: Lumi by Pampers

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Ask any new mom what they wish for most, and you’ll likely hear SLEEP! Tired takes on a whole new meaning for new parents. Lumi by Pampers is making motherhood easier by introducing their smart sleep system that all new moms need, because when baby sleeps, Mom sleeps!

Gone are the days of tiptoeing into your child’s nursery to see if they’re asleep. Gone are the days of worrying if your baby is whimpering because of a wet diaper. The Lumi Smart System by Pampers, developed by a panel of experts, will quickly take your worries away with their crystal clear video monitor and highly-developed app.

It starts with a video monitor

The Smart Sleep System is three-fold, beginning with their HD video monitor. This state-of-the-art video includes 1080p HD wide angle, night vision, two-way audio, room temperature and humidity tracking. The amazing crystal clear quality of the camera, and the continuous background audio that lets you hear baby even when you’re on Instagram or when your phone is locked!

The Sleep Sensor and Tracking App

The sleep sensor automatically tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and the status of their diaper. This is such an amazing tool to help you create a routine that works for the whole family. It’s enhanced with Velcro ® to securely attach to Lumi diapers.

With the Lumi system, you are able to see your baby’s sleep patterns and potentially make changes to their schedule to optimize a better sleep time. Sleep is when baby’s brains develop the most, and establishing a good routine early can significantly payoff as your child grows older.


It’s safe to say that mom brain is real. It’s difficult to keep track of how long your baby slept, or when you last changed their diaper. The Lumi app takes all of the guesswork out.  Their system brings together your baby’s data into personalized insights to help you understand their unique development journey, all within the Lumi app. You can chart baby’s naps, overnight sleep times and even the last time you fed your baby to help create a routine that works best for your family. You receive a weekly report to get a better grasp of how your baby is sleeping and even get tips from pediatric sleep experts to help baby get optimal sleep!

Memorial Day Discount!

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