Top 5 Reasons Why Moms (and Dads) Love BJ’s Wholesale Club

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BJ’s Wholesale Club is coming soon to Lady Lake, FL – and we’re all excited about it. So, to help you understand why you NEED a membership to BJ’s, we’ve put together our top 5 reasons why we love shopping there.

1.You can score incredible value on all your families favorites

Moms at Orlando Mom Collective love BJ’s Wholesale Club because of its incredible value on products ranging from fresh produce to home décor. With up to 25% off regular grocery store prices, it’s no wonder why BJ’s is a one-stop shop for everything that our families love. Need to pick-up enough snacks to feed a soccer team? BJ’s has it. In a pinch to grab all of your weekly groceries too? BJ’s has you covered. Oh, and if you need to stop to fill up on gas on the way out, you’ve got it, BJ’s has that too. (Not to mention the incredible gas savings that we’ll mention next).

2.BJ’s accepts ALL coupons

On top of the incredible deals that BJ’s Wholesale Club offers, the retailer allows members to stack their BJ’s coupons with other manufactures’ coupons to stack savings. Add your coupons to the BJ’s mobile app for extra convenience.

Also, from now until May 12, 2022, BJ’s is offering a limited-time founding member offer which means that you can sign up for a 1-year Inner Circle Membership for just $25 instead of the normal $55. 

I know you’re thinking “how can BJ’s Wholesale Club get any better?” …but it does! With BJ’s Fuel Saver Program, every member can save 10 cents a gallon at BJ’s Gas with the purchase of eligible products, in-club or online.

3.You can shop your way, whenever and however

 Let’s face it – sometimes us parents don’t have time to do everything that we wish we could in a day. That’s why BJ’s offers a variety of convenient options to expedite our shopping trips and help us get what we need, faster. BJ’s members can choose from curbside pickup, pick up in-club, same-day delivery or delivery from BJ’ When shopping in-club, you also have the ability to use ExpressPay so you don’t ever have to wait in line. (Tip: BJ’s new Lady Lake location will offer parking spots + charging ports for golf carts so members have extra accessibility and convenience at the club.)

4.Members have access to trusted BJ’s brands

If we haven’t already convinced you why you need a membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club, let’s talk about the club’s exclusive brands, Wellsley Farms and Berkely Jensen. With an incredible selection of quality products, you can make these your new go-to brands and find even more savings on items with consistent pricing and incredible value.

Just check out their customer testimonials and see for yourself why BJ’s members love these brands.

5.BJ’s offers savings for every season

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to spruce up our backyards – BJ’s makes this easy to do with its wide selection of amazing seasonal items. If you’re hosting your families first barbecue of the summer, you can find everything you need from outdoor furniture to top-tier grills and turn your backyard into your new favorite hangout spot. Shop by category to find everything you need in a one-stop shop.

We hope that you’re now just as excited for the brand-new Lady Lake club location as we are! To learn more about becoming a member, visit and keep an eye out for the grand opening in the next couple of weeks.


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