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Ready to jet set and live your best life? Well, you better believe that your travel game needs to be on point. Let’s dive into my travel packing guide because we’re about to tackle those adventures like the unstoppable mom bosses we are!

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  • Passport power: Grab that passport and make it a statement piece. Own it, darling — this is your ticket to a life well-traveled.
  • Cash confidence: Currency, credit cards, and a stylish wallet to match. Make sure your credit cards do not charge international fees and help you earn travel rewards. Financial freedom never looked so good.
  • Fashion finds: Plan those outfits like you’re strutting the runway. Weather-ready, Instagram-worthy, and confidence is your best accessory. Make sure not to overpack and select outfits that you can mix and match. I always use Amazon Basics Packing Cubes. When your clothes are dirty, transition them to a cube to keep your clean clothes separate. I also put a small cube in my backpack with a change of clothes — cause who doesn’t like to freshen up when they arrive?
  • Toiletry triumph: Mini-sized glam squad essentials — shampoo, conditioner, and the holy grail skincare. If you use liquid foundation, I highly recommend travel containers. Remember your beauty routine doesn’t take a vacation. I cannot live without Kitsch Bar Shampoo and Conditioner or Morfone TSA Approved Silicon Travel Containers.
  • Sleeping beauty: Neck pillow, blanket, sleep mask, and chic accessories. We’re not just traveling; we’re jet-setting in style.  The Vera Bradley Travel Blanket is my go-to blanket/pillow for when I am on the airplane. It even has a Trolley Sleeve, or you can attach a carabiner (mom hook) to your backpack.
  • Gadget glam: Charge it up! Phone, camera, headphones because your life deserves a killer soundtrack. More than anything, do not forget a Universal Adapter! This is my favorite universal adapter, EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter and it comes in a soft case. Throw it in your backpack and you are always prepared!
  • Bag bliss: Find a bag that screams “I’m here for a good time!” Functionality meets fashion, darling. I personally take a large backpack, LOVEVOOK Backpack as it has large compartments and a place for your water bottle. when I am going out on tours or for the night out, I love this Lululemon dupe Amazon belt bag.
  • Safety chic: Band-Aids, Advil, Benadryl tablets, Doterra Correct-X (Neosporin), OFF! Botanicals Repellent, Calendula Insect Bite Gel, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Baby Wipes, and a fierce attitude. Safety is sexy, and we’re owning it. Don’t forget sunglasses! We always need to protect our eyes in fashion!
  • Entertainment extravaganza: Books, journals, maybe a podcast or two — because you’re a momma who loves to fuel her brain! If you are lacking space, invest in a Kindle or E-Reader.
  • Snack slay: Energize your adventures with snacks that match your energy. Reusable water bottle, healthy nibbles, and Liquid IV Hydration a true glow-up move.

This isn’t just packing; it’s a declaration of intent. Own your journey, embrace the unknown, and remember you’re not just traveling; you’re stepping into a life that’s worth celebrating. Go out there and conquer, queen!

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