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This was another book series that I do not know why I waited to long to start. Becka’s story telling is full of humor and I found myself laughing out loud many times. If you are a fan of Meghan Quinn’s writing, Becka’s style will feel familiar to you as their mix of humor, spice and banter is similar. This book is the third of the series and maybe it was my favorite because of all the cameos from previous couples but I truly think this was my favorite story line of the three.

Unravel Me by Becka Mack book cover via Amazon purple and pink mountains behind a suspension bridge with trees below
Unravel Me by Becka Mack book cover via Amazon

The “Playing for Keeps” series follows players on the Vancouver Vipers, a professional hockey team. While Adam and Rosie’s story is the third in the series, you could start with them. But knowing the other couples only added to my enjoyment of this book. The other books give you more of Adam’s terrible dating life history which made me cheer harder for him than I would have if I’d picked this one up first. No matter the order, you cannot go wrong with this series.

Unravel Me Summary:

Adam and Rosie have a chance meeting in the woods. Adam is fresh off disastrous date after disastrous date. He is sure that someone is out there for him but he struggles to find someone who wants him for him and not the notoriety of being with a famous hockey player. So when he introduces himself to Rosie in the woods and she gives no indication that she knows who he is, he agrees to spend the day hiking with her. He goes back to the woods the next day hoping their paths will cross again. He convinces Rosie to spend more time with him. He isn’t turned off when he learns she has a son and spends time with the two of them all summer. But when the truth about Adam’s identity comes out, will Rosie accept him as the man she’s spent the summer getting to know as well as the famous hockey player?


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Favorite Quotes from Unravel Me:

“He laughs again, and I’m struck by how much I like being the reason.”

“She’s so pretty. Does she know how pretty she is?”

“I am kind. I am strong. I am beautiful. The people who are meant to be in the my life will find me.”

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