The weather in Florida can be confusing. Rain every day? Seriously? Here’s a quick explanation if you are visiting Florida to understand our weather!

We received an email from one of our readers asking,

I’m a fellow Mom in Illinois and am coming to Orlando, FL next week. Can you tell me what your weather outlook for next week is? I saw one site that said RAIN everyday and another site that said sunny! Thank you in advance. Just wanted to know if I should pack the rain ponchos or plan more inside activities. ”

Here in Florida we have a wet season (April-October) and a dry season (November-March). The simplest answer to Janet’s email is this… If you are visiting during our summer months, it will most likely rain. Every. Single. Day. But don’t worry. This is normal. It won’t last all day, and shouldn’t interfere with your vacation. I know that sounds weird, but here’s the easiest way to explain it…

The daily storms happen because of a term called “sea breezes”. This is the area over Florida where the “sea breezes from both coasts collide in the middle of the state (Orlando!), creating especially severe storms down the center of the state. These thunderstorms can drift towards either the west or east coast depending on the relative strengths of the sea breezes, and sometimes survive to move out over the water at night, creating spectacular cloud-to-cloud lightning shows for hours after sunset.” (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Sea Breeze in Florida
Sea Breeze in Florida

This doesn’t mean that you will be rained out on your vacation… but you might want to have ponchos or a mini-umbrella packed in your diaper bag/purse. The rain (or thunderstorm) usually lasts for about 30 minutes, then moves on. If you’re at a theme park, they WILL shut down rides until lightning has passed. This is a great time to get a snack, or check out the gift shops or indoor attractions. IF a front or low pressure system settles right over the state, then yes, rain might last longer than the typical daily thunderstorm.
Janet, here’s hoping you have a picture-perfect (and dry!) vacation!

When you move to Florida, understanding Florida weather became a new-found art. In northern states, weather terms like black ice, tornado season, harvest moon, sleet, tornado alley, are the norm.

Meteorologist Amy Sweezey from WESH2 News!
Meteorologist Amy Sweezey from WESH2 News!

As a Florida native, I’m accustomed to terms like sea breeze, wet season/dry season, and instead of snow days, we have hurricane days.

Several years ago, we reached out to former meteorologist at WESH2 News Amy Sweezey for a few more weather terms. She reminded us of terms like lightning alley, water spouts, rip currents, and a whole bunch of hurricane words… like “the cone” and tropical depression. She also reminded us that the temperatures here in Central Florida rarely reach 100 degrees, because of the sea breezes and summer storms. But please note that even if it is NOT 100 degrees, the humidity makes it quite hot!

These next weather terms are used all over the country, but here in Florida, they don’t quite have the same meanings as they do up north.

Terms like:
– Freeze warning and Frost advisory. This is about the closest we get to snow, so everyone panics! And if we can actually see our breath… it’s something to tweet about.
– Fall. Sadly Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It took a LONG time to get used to the lack of orange leaves and crisp morning air at a football tailgate party. Every year I dream of going home to an Iowa football game, but alas, it hasn’t happened. YET!
– Winter. We might have a few days during the year when the temps are in the 30’s. That’s it. That’s our Winter.
– “Rain in the forecast”. From May-Oct there WILL be rain in Central Florida, every day. You just never know where.

There’s a common phrase here in Central Florida.

Storms are so predictable, that you can set your watch by.”

So how about you? What’s a new weather word that you learned once moving to Florida?


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  1. This blog about Florida and its weather help us in many convenient ways. It’s not like the weather report but this talks a lot how to deal with the weather itself and I really love it!

  2. This is very true. Every summer/fall vacation to FL involved this. “Scattered storms” daily which mean yes it’ll be sunny and gorgeous all day, but there might be two, 20 minute storms in the afternoon.

    NEVER affected my plans at all.

    Ill be in FL in 7 days and am excited. Storms daily, but I know it wont “rain on my parade”

  3. I’m an 86 yr. old vet who has been to Disneyland several tomes sine the opening. I want to come in early March for my LAST visit and see all that I’ve missed. What is the weather and cost for several days for me and what is the weather like (I’ve always came in Summer, but that isn’t possible this time. How many days will it take to really see IT ALL? Does a stay at the Hotel actually get a “guide” an hour early and what does it cost for a single?

    I Pray you will help me since I began my childhood in a theater with my mother and Snow White. I know I won’t have long to live but I’m healthy NOW and have a great dream of ONE LAST TRIP!

  4. Thanks for the info. I am a retired nurse on a fixed income planning to relocate from Georgia to Orlando this coming Spring. I wanted to rent a double wide manufactured home but a bit sketch due to tornadoes. I can deal with hurricanes because they occur all along the Eastern seaboard. I’m originally from Rockaway Park New York so hurricanes by the shore not new to me.

  5. Going tomorrow October 24 for two weeks with my niece whose never been to Florida. I’ve been coming every year since 1998 to Orlando;
    Then to Dania Beach in South Florida every year.
    Hopefully it doesn’t shower on us the whole time
    Being we are the beach goers.
    A shower once in a while isn’t a big deal.
    Hopefully I can enjoy Hollywood beach with her.


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