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If you’re a parent of little ones that are preparing to enter school for the first time, the transition could be a little overwhelming. This is especially true for little kids who may not completely grasp the idea of a schedule change and a completely new day-to-day routine. Here is what you need to know when prepping for VPK enrollment.

Voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) allows even younger kids to be immersed into a new environment with classmates. While this comes with many benefits such as exposure to a meeting new classmates, classroom setting, and establishing a routine earlier, it doesn’t mean it comes easy for kids {or even parents}. Below are a few tips from our friends at Kids R Kids Avalon Park, to make the transition a little bit easier for everyone.

VPK enrollment in Avalon Park FL

Ask your child how they feel about change

Kids have a lot of emotions and feelings that they oftentimes do not know how to communicate. Ask them questions to gauge if they’re excited, nervous, or a bit of both. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions if they seem to be coming up short with answers. Being open and communicating about these things earlier allows for an easier transition and one in which your child can feel confident and secure in the change.

Empower your child to be ready

There’s a good chance your child is already in the phase where they want to do everything for themselves. You can enable this in a healthy way by helping them learn to tie their shoes, let them pick out their own outfits, and allow them to complete their bathroom routine solo. Not only are these great skills to learn, but they also set your child up to be more confident on their own when the big day comes.

Be open and communicate about the new routine

Kids appreciate knowing details (hence their constant questions). Make sure to talk about the new routine and school year early and often with your child. Anything from who will drop off and pick up to their teacher’s name and what you’ll pack for lunch could make that first day a little bit less stressful for them.

Take your child to the school so they feel comfortable (and so you do too)

Oftentimes, programs offer an open house prior to the start of the school year. This allows you to meet the teacher and staff, walk the school campus, and maybe even see other classmates during that time. This could lessen nerves your child may have about their first day of school.

Begin to transition schedule changes sooner than you think you need to

Something as simple as an hour earlier bedtime and wake up could be daunting and exhausting. We suggest slowly transitioning this change, so it isn’t a shock. Well-rested kids make for a better and easier day for everyone involved!

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