Word Crimes… your going 2 luv it!


This past year we shared a post explaining our dislike of  the content Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines,’ especially with the message that it communicates to our young girls. To be honest, I am guilty of turning up the volume to this catchy tune, not fully understanding the meaning of its message. Once I learned the context, I found myself switching the radio station or thumbs-downing the song on Pandora.

Today, I’m a happy gal. Inside my brain, I’m shouting, “I can like that song again!” Well, not that song, but the catchy tune! Wierd Al Yankovic has unleashed a new spoof video —  ‘Word Crimes.’ Using the catchy ‘Blurred Lines’ tune, Yankovic’s song focuses on the misuse and abuse of the English language, especially in our texting and social media frenzy to squeeze 140 characters in a tweet.

I, for one, am sooooooo guilty of misusing proper grammar! In fact, I’m certain my editor (Jennifer!) could mark up this post with a red pen! (Please don’t judge, I TRIED my best in elementary grammar class!) I have improved, but even with this grammar test, I got an 80%. (At least it’s passing! Ha!) I can NEVER seem to spell restaurant correctly. I always double check my it’s and its. I’m much better at you’re than most, but I don’t judge! I’ve learned how to use literally, but I’m still uncertain of than and then.

Grammatically Speaking Test!
Grammatically Speaking Test!

So please share… what word or phrase do you often misuse?


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