Genie+ is the equivalent of FastPass for those of us who roamed the enchanting realms of Disney World before 2021. It’s the key to unlocking a seamless, wait-time-minimized adventure through the parks. As Scar aptly sings, “Be Prepared!” — this mantra holds true for any upcoming Disney World trip. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide to making the most of your Disney experience with Genie+ and Genie Services.

When to get Genie+ and cost

Genie+ is a must for busy park days — spring break, peak summer, holidays — to help you and your party experience several rides or visit must-see characters with minimal wait times. It’s available for purchase through the Disney World app on the day of your reservation, starting at midnight. This allows you to make your first Lightning Lane selection at 7:00 am. The cost per person varies daily and depends on the specific park you visit. The busier the park day (like during Spring Break, 4th of July, or Christmas), the higher the cost. Prices range from $15 – $39/per day.

Setting up Genie+

Before diving into Genie+, ensure your entire party is connected via the Family & Friends feature in the app. This enables each member to be included for ride selections within the same time slot. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Disney enthusiast in your group, they can efficiently make decisions throughout the day. For first-time Disney World visitors, I recommend familiarizing yourselves with the Disney World app beforehand. Check ride wait times, proximity of attractions, and discuss preferences with your group.

When using Genie+, gather input from friends and family regarding three priority experiences and three to five additional options. This ensures you prioritize popular attractions and activities like character meet and greets, parades, shows, or dining reservations. Genie+ is particularly beneficial for maximizing a full day with out-of-town guests, allowing you to make the most of your time.

After selecting a Lightning Lane, you must utilize it before booking another experience. For instance, if you choose a later ride, you can book another attraction 120 minutes later without scanning your pass again. Popular rides like Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Peter Pan’s Flight often have limited Lightning Lane availability, so prioritize accordingly to avoid lengthy queues.

Consider that some rides become less crowded toward the end of the day, especially during fireworks displays. Each Lightning Lane grants a one-hour window for experiencing the attraction. Keep in mind that rides like Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy utilize a virtual queue, available at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm, and are not part of Genie+ but can be purchased individually, along with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Avatar Flight of Passage.

Booking back-to-back Lightning Lanes

A note about booking back to back Lightning Lanes — geography. Disney World parks are bigger than most think and spread out. So, if you’re in Magic Kingdom and are wishing to see Mickey Mouse (front of the park) and ride Thunder Mountain (back of the park) back-to-back, make sure you are giving yourself enough time to maneuver through the park, through crowds, and possible shows or parades. 

Genie services

Genie services, accessible from the main page of your Disney app under “View My Day,” offers a free service where you can “Summon Disney Genie” to manage your day. Begin by selecting your guests to ensure everyone is connected. Then, choose your top experiences such as Soarin’ Around the World, Peter Pan’s Flight, or Meet Mickey Mouse, along with shows, entertainment, and dining options.

Customize your preferences and specify any accessibility requirements or height restrictions for your party. The Free Disney Genie service provides a general itinerary for your day and displays current entertainment schedules, attraction wait times, and Lightning Lane options on the “Tip Board” (some available for purchase through Genie+ or as Individual Lightning Lane purchases).

Utilizing the Free Genie Service familiarizes you with the app, available options during your trip, and offers a chance to practice using its features.

TL,DR: Genie+ and Genie services at Disney World

  • Genie+ Overview
    • Essential for busy park days like spring break, peak summer, and holidays.
    • Purchase through the Disney World app starting at midnight on the day of your reservation.
    • Cost varies daily, ranging from $15 to $39 per person.
  • Setting up Genie+
    • Connect your entire party via the Family & Friends feature in the app.
    • Prioritize attractions, character meet and greets, parades, shows, or dining reservations.
    • Use Genie+ to maximize time, especially with out-of-town guests.
  • Using Lightning Lanes
    • Utilize Lightning Lanes before booking another attraction.
    • Some rides may have limited availability, so prioritize popular ones.
    • Consider visiting less crowded rides towards the end of the day.
  • Booking Back-to-Back Lightning Lanes
    • Account for park geography and travel time between attractions.
  • Genie Services
    • Free service accessible from the Disney app under “View My Day.”
    • Customize preferences and specify accessibility requirements.
    • Provides a general itinerary, entertainment schedules, wait times, and Lightning Lane options.
    • Helps familiarize users with the app and available options during their trip.

If you find all of this overwhelming and confusing, don’t worry. There are numerous YouTube videos available, and honestly, the Disney World app for Genie and Genie+ is incredibly intuitive and helpful if you’re considering using them for your trip. Ultimately, whether you choose to utilize Genie or purchase Genie+ for your visit, being in Disney World, whether it’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom, is truly magical! Imagineers and Cast Members put in tremendous effort to ensure your visit is memorable through sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. So, whether you’re using Genie+ or not, remember to have fun, stay hydrated, wear supportive sneakers, plan for the best, and embrace the unexpected!


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