2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines


When I mention a trampoline park, what do you envision? A relatively flat space, with a bunch of trampoline squares, maybe a few slanted ones around the walls, right? Me, too, until we stepped into 2Infinity Extreme Air Sports.

My husband and I recently made the bold decision to take 9 kids there for my son’s 13th birthday. Ages 8 – 15, they spanned a variety of skills and risk appetites. Naturally, there are trampolines as far as the eye can see. Kiddos desiring a mundane vertical bounce will not be disappointed. But for the daring and brave, there is also a rock wall, a trapeze and a full ninja course. For mom’s sanity, these are all over foam pits. No, not the gross foam pits you remember from your childhood gymnastics place. These are dense foam, cleaned and rotated regularly to keep them in good shape.  

2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines

You can finally try that wicked jump off a swing, see if you really could do that aerial silk thing you saw at the circus, or even take a low-risk trip across a slack line. They have an organized dodgeball area where staff members are running games non-stop, which is more enjoyable for everyone than unsupervised, pick-up games. They also have basketball, parkour, and even a room where one person at a time can do that trick where you land on your back, then literally walk up the walls. It’s as hard as it looks…

Once you master the timing, you can bounce on your back and literally walk up the walls and sit on the window ledges!

In all, I counted 18 different activities, and I was counting the entire ninja course as only one activity! There are about as many non-trampoline options as bouncy ones. There is a designated area for youngsters 6 & under all the time; and the little ones get the run of the place from 9:00 – 10:00 AM. On the flip side, you have the adults in the mix. Yes, mom, you can jump, too! But I must warn you that every adult I saw looked they were on the verge of cardiac arrest. So take it easy and hydrate, mmkay?

Rates top out at $14 an hour per jumper, but there are discounts for longer flights on weekdays, little jumper savings, and a host of theme nights that often boast reduced prices. Bring the ENTIRE family for $35 on Monday family nights! Or give your older teens a safe party atmosphere to enjoy on weekends, where ages 15 and up can jump until midnight.  

2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines

Let’s talk logistics.

Located just a few minutes off I-4 in Lakeland, it’s an easy hour drive from either Orlando or Tampa, making it a great place to meet friends in between the two metros. All jumpers require a pair of 2Infinity socks, which are $3. They are available in several awesome designs and come up high like crew socks. The kids loved picking out their own styles. You can take in a cooler with drinks, but no snacks allowed. There are couches for parents to lounge on all throughout the arena, not just in the lobby.  

There is inherent risk in jumping on a trampoline; but 2Infinity has the situation surprisingly under control. There is a safety video, which I recommend you have your kids watch at home before you go. It’s hard for them to focus on reading rules once they are inside that place. We felt the “flight crew” did a great job of letting the kids have fun but keeping them within reasonable guidelines. There were very few whistles blown, which shocked me given the number of humans bouncing around in there. They’d call kids out for having more than one person jumping on a square at a time. I liked this, because double bouncing or jumping next to a fallen friend is prime injury territory. Beyond that, as long as each kiddo sticks to their own space, they really free everyone up to have a great time without getting yelled at.

2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines
Even with a foam pit, jumping off a swing is not for the faint of heart. Brave girl!

My last bit of advice is perhaps the most important, so I hope you’re still paying attention. Children leaving this establishment will STINK. A lot. We dragged 9 sweaty kids out of that place and put the oldest/stinkiest kids in the back of our Jeep Wrangler with the top down. We got home an hour later and they still could have wilted the petals off a daisy. Double down on deodorant on those teens and tweens before you go, but honestly I’m not confident it will help. Odor is directly correlated to fun in this instance, and it smelled like they had a great time.

The ninja course is what sealed the deal for my son. Once he saw this, birthday party planning was as good as done.
2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines
Swing, trapeze, ramps, trampolines. Endless ways to fly into the foam!
2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines
Aerial arts, anyone?
2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines
Finally even the short people can dunk!
2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines
Tiny jumpers area, safe for kiddos 6 and under



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