When your go-to style does not give you confidence anymore, it may be time for a makeover. You don’t have to break the bank for a beauty makeover. There are some simple, practical techniques and products that can help you make the most of your looks at home. Whether you decide to give yourself a whole new look or just make a few small changes, you will feel re-energized and ready to face the world. 

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  1. Pump up the volume on your eyelashes 

Professional lash extensions can boost your lash length and thickness, but now there are ways to get salon-perfect eyelashes at home. Using best at home lash extensions by Lilac St, Sweed, Vavalash, or Allure can make your eyes look stunning in minutes. With these soft extensions made from individually hand-arranged fibers, you can even mix and match lengths and lash styles for your own unique look. They are easy to apply and ultra light so they move flexibly with your eyelids. Your appearance will be naturally stunning and you can expect them to last up to five days between applications. 

  1. Groom your brows like a pro 

A good brow arch starts with enough brow hair to work with so you should try a brow serum. Don’t go crazy with the tweezers but rather play around with pencils to create an eyebrow shape that works for you. Women with very dark hair can look good with a brown brow but a taupe color works best for blondes and most brunettes. 

Use a fine brow pencil to create small, hair-like strokes for a natural look. If you feel you have gone overboard, you can always brush and blend the color with a spoolie. A tip for fuller-looking brows is to brush them upwards and use a brow gel for long-lasting definition. 

  1. Take care of your skin

If you feel your skin is looking dull, you can restore moisture and add a dewy glow to it by using the right skincare products. A moisturizer and a vitamin C serum can work wonders. Exfoliating your skin is important as applying makeup to skin with dead skin cells will make it look uneven and even flake off. 

A vitamin C serum combats free radicals and reduces inflammation and discoloration. A moisturizer hydrates your skin and makes it look plumper. Without a smooth and moisturized skin surface to work with, your makeup will never look as good as it can. 

  1. Treat your mane

Hair makeovers are not all strictly reserved for the salon chair. There are a few hair care tips that can make a real difference to your hair. If you want to encourage hair growth, take a break from curling irons. Use conditioner when you wash and a deep hair conditioning mask once a week. 

There are many homemade hair moisturizer masks you can make from ingredients in your pantry. Your hair will look great if you apply a mask of avocado, coconut oil and honey. 

If you frequently highlight your hair and you see some brassy undertones, you can use a color-correcting shampoo with a blue tone to restore the right color. 

Playing with extensions can make your hair look longer and thicker. You can also use hair extensions to experiment a little and see what works for you. Use real hair extensions so you can style them with ease. 

  1. Make your lips look plump and luscious

Your lips start to look less plump with age and this can start in your 30s. Simply using the right lip liner can make your lips look fuller. There are also specially plumping formulas that can increase blood flow to enhance the size and shape of your lips. Look for products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, ginger and cinnamon. 

You should exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated with lip balm if you want lipstick to glide over your mouth without flaking. Opting for a new lip color can instantly change your look. If you think red lipstick doesn’t suit you, think again. There are different tones of red that suit every skin tone today. Any vibrant lipstick color can instantly make you feel more glamorous. 



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