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Ah, cleaning…a chore that definitely tops the list of life’s necessary evils. As moms, we know that cleaning is just par for the course….crumbs, spills, pet hair, broken things, dirty shoes etc. the list is endless! We {moms} need a cleaning solution that save us time! Now, don’t get me wrong- I love the idea of the vacuums that just do their thing and go back to their docking station….my issue {and the reason I don’t have one} is the BIG “what if”! What if the cat throws up? What if the cat digs in my plant and gets dirt everywhere? What if the dog has diarrhea? You know the thought of these “what if’s” is terrifying!

Thanks to a new generation of cleaning technology, there’s great news for those of us who have better things to do with our time {like break up another fight or open another snack!}

Check out this ultimate floor cleaning time saver!



A product review on the SLYDE wet/dry floor cleaner 

Whether you are a cleaning weekend warrior or a daily do-er, you are sure to save yourself time with a floor cleaner that has a fully-integrated sweeping/mopping function! {2 in 1, YES please!} A bright, clean, dust and dirt free floor is now just a few minutes away with the SLYDE, a cordless wet-dry floor cleaner from Lifestyle by Focus…and my new favorite broom/mop. Its sweep/mop function is designed to cut your cleaning time in half {YESSSSS}.  With pets and kids, you know that is music to your ears!!

I love that it is super lightweight (just 5 lbs.) and versatile! The kids can maneuver it with ease too! I made it a game for the younger ones and now they fight over who gets to clean! {#momhack} My four year old calls himself a “broomer” (I guess thats a combination of a broom and a sweeper?! your guess is as good as mine!) while he is using it, but when I use it- he calls me a butler!? Whatever…I’ll be the butler for a few minutes every day. (Let’s be honest, I’ve definitely been called worse things in my life!)

The SLYDE is so easy to use:

  • the sweep functions propels on its own as you walk forward
  • to mop, you just easily pull back

It’s that simple to pick up liquids and solids in one swipe! The SLYDE effortlessly tackles even the toughest stains (like coffee, juice, shoe scuffs) on multiple surfaces. It’s great for tile, marble, wood, laminate, and many other types of flooring, and you can use it with most multipurpose floor cleaning solutions. It also has swivel steering that lets you get it into tight corners to reach every bit of dirt {or cat hair} that may be lurking.

Honestly, if you have wood floors (or laminate) it is a game changer. At one point (when we first bought our house years ago) I could not get the wood floors to “look” clean. I even resorted to hands and knees scrubbing with a special cleaner to get them “clean”. NEVER AGAIN. The SLYDE has been the best wood floor cleaning product that I have found (it is better than my Swiffer and I LOVE my Swiffer.)

The SLYDE’s brush roll technology actually eliminates the need for a water tank to dispense water. The brush roll has a patented technology to prolong the “hold” of the water so you don’t need to have a water tank on the mop to dispense the water during use. Basically, you can clean the whole floor without the mess of a traditional mop and the accidental slip of a toddler that insists on running through a clean, wet floor! (Don’t be silly though, you know a toddler is bound to run through any clean floor, the good news is that there isn’t a 10 minute puddle dry time with the SLYDE like there is with a traditional mop.) The only thing that I don’t love is that you need to replace the brush roll every 6 months…but there could be worse things.

Its ingenious design also means no dust bag {this is ideal for allergy sufferers like us} and it has a super quiet run at just 65 dB. Even the disposal system, which separates solids from liquids, is easy to use and the self-clean cycle takes just 25 seconds and is hands free {you just put it back on the base and press the button.} The SLYDE has a 2 tank system that keeps the clean water (for cleaning the brush roll) and the dirty water separate on the docking station.

The SLYDE cordless floor cleaner can run for about 25 minutes on a single charge (comes with rechargeable lithium ion battery). 25 minutes is more than enough time for me to get the floors clean! To re-charge, you just put it back on the base and plug it in the hole on the handle (that gets plugged into the wall).

It truly is a gem! The SLYDE cleans up the better-known competition in so many ways:

  • cordless
  • no dust bag
  • wet/dry
  • cleans up liquids and solids
  • easy to use
  • quiet
  • long run time
  • works on any surface
  • can be used with most multipurpose cleaners
  • reduces cleaning time
  • FCC-certified
  • comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer

You can check out the SLYDE or get your own here!


Have you tried the SLYDE? Would you like a discount code?! Tell me in the comments!!

We are honored to try the SLYDE wet/dry floor mop and to bring you content about relevant household products pertinent to Central Florida families.
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