A Shout Out to the Room Moms


hello-my-name-is-Room-MomHere’s an end-of-the-year shout out to all the Room Moms who still have the fortitude in May to send out group emails trying to organize the rest of us.

I was a Room Mom once when my daughters were in Kindergarten. I started the year with such enthusiasm and imagined myself planning memorable holiday events and class parties. I pictured myself getting to know the other moms, maybe even meeting a few of them for a Starbucks after a fabulous class party. Fast forward to sometime around the holidays and I remember thinking that I’d sooner poke myself in the eye than send out one more email asking for three volunteers to send in six cans of frosting and holiday sprinkles for the class party so the kids could create cookies sure to send themselves into sugar comas.

Valentine's Day Party
This is an actual photo of my child’s Valentine creation

And yet, every year at “Back to School” night, I still feel the pull of the sign up sheet. The one labeled Room Mom Volunteers. It tugs hard at me, but I know better than to add my name to the list. It’s important in life to know your strengths and your limitations.

I have such admiration for the Room Moms who manage a smile and a polite email when summer is practically within reach. They’ve begged and cajoled for volunteers all year. They’ve endured countless “reply to all” responses to their emails that required no response. They’ve purchased all the supplies for the class party when the rest of us forgot to send in what we signed up to contribute. They brought the teacher lunch on her birthday and made sure our kids all signed her card. As I type this, they are organizing the end-of-the-year events and trying to collect for the teacher’s gift. They’ve worked tirelessly to make this a good year. And they’ve done it all with a smile and without (as far as I know) telling THAT mom (you know, the one whose child is far more special than any other child in the class) what they are really thinking.

And the really amazing Room Moms will rest up and do it again next year. Kudos to you, Room Moms! Enjoy the summer; you’ve earned it.


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