Tips on Dealing with an Absent Grandparent

We were sitting at the dining room table and discussing how thankful we were for our family and my five year old daughter was naming all of her cousins and telling us "who they...

Befriending an Autism Parent

I have this amazing friend who just gets it. She invites us to sensory-safe places, schedules mom dates when our husbands are free to watch the kids, and doesn't expect anything from me or my...

A Mother’s Intuition

Mother’s intuition is a real thing. For me, it’s that strange moment of clarity out of the blue where you just know something. Particularly when you know something is just not right. And you...

Shave and a Haircut, Two Pits

When raising humans, inevitably the body hair will come. Although I wanted my daughter to wait as long as possible to start shaving her legs, I thought it was rather progressive of me to...

Are you still nursing?

Are you still nursing? I get this question a lot.  Depending on the speaker, the tone, inflection and/or accompanying look can vary widely. The reason I get this question regularly is because my boys, who...

My Son Has Autism

I write this not for pity but for acceptance. I kept this quiet because I didn't want pity. I've come to a point where keeping quiet doesn't help, and honestly I'm tired of being...

Get over yourself

I have loved calling Orlando my home for over a decade and I cannot be more proud of my adopted home since, as a community, we came together after such devastation to form OrlandoStrong....

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