Coffee & Connection is a day in which moms in Orlando can come together to either co-work if they’re WFH moms, connect to meet other moms in the area, or just chat because it works that day. I often do all three. 

I pick coffee places all over Orlando to help bring together moms who just want to get out of the house. At first, I would pick at random and convenience, now I’m picking based on Orlando Coffee Culture. I love what they’re doing and will go down that list for a little while. 

Coffee & Connection back story

Last year, Eryn, the owner and brain behind Orlando Mom came up with the idea of meeting once a week. This started as an executive team meeting with Allison (executive assistant), the rest of the team, and myself meeting every so often. Soon it became a meeting in which only Eryn, Allison, and myself started attending. Here we would brainstorm content ideas, help Eryn figure out events (Orlando Mom hosts four major events a year), and just figure out how to help other businesses (including Orlando Mom) be successful. 

When the holidays hit, we had to push pause in our meetings, but with the promise we would restart at the beginning of the year. 

Coffee & Connection in 2024

Coffee & Connection in 2024 looks a little different than last year. This year we have opened it up to the rest of the Orlando Mom team and we’re even opening it up to all Orlando Moms that want to join. 

Here are our current month meet up dates and locations:

🗓️ April 5 – Lineage Coffee in College Park
📍 3201 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
🗓️ April 12 – Credo in Downtown Orlando
📍 885 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
🗓️ April 19 – New General in Winter Park
📍 155 E New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
🗓️ April 26 – Cups & Pups in Downtown Orlando
📍 1307 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
Check out where we’ve been so far in 2024!


5 woman looking at the camera sitting down at a table with various foods and drinks and laptops. all for coffee & connection
Starting from the left: Kattie, Candance, Eryn, Christina, and Hailey at Paris Bahn Mi in the Mills District

An adorable Vietnamese bakery that is infused with French culture. Their name, Paris Bahn Mi, comes from a delicious meeting of cultures. The story begins in mid-19th century Vietnam, then part of French Indochina. French baguettes arrived, becoming a food staple by the 20th century. But in the 1950s, something magical happened in Saigon. Vietnamese ingenuity took the humble baguette and transformed it into bánh mì, a unique sandwich brimming with local flavors. 

  • 4 women and a child staring at the camera smiling. Behind them there is a coffee bar for coffee & connection
    Starting from the left: Allison with Aubree, Eryn, Candance, and Kattie at The BreakRoom in Winter Garden

    The BreakRoom located in Winter Garden

The BreakRoom is a large space perfect for meeting people, coworking, or bringing your little one along. It’s located and run by The Crossings Church. It is a non-profit that helps people come together and help each other do the most basic thing, “drink a cup of coffee.”


three woman facing the camera smiling in front of neon lights for coffee & Connection
From the left: Kattie, Cassie, and Christina at Foxtail Coffee Co in the Packing District



Foxtail Coffee Co originated in Winter Park, FL and it’s not secret it’s one of my favorite Florida coffees. When I heard that they opened up their cutest location in the Packing District, I had to go. The neon lights, the curved building, everything about it is just so aesthetically pleasing. Also, I got to meet a very amazing mom, and it’s because of her Orlando Mom decided to open up Coffee & Connection to the rest of Orlando Moms. 



4 women smiling at camera
From left to right: Kattie, Christina, Candace, and Amanda at The Bakery Colombian Cafe

If you’re Hispanic/Latino and are missing a little bit of home, go to this AUTHENTIC Colombian bakery. They’re delicious and so nice! You can get anything from café con leche to a traditional Arepa con huevos breakfast. And they even have a lunch menu that includes grilled chicken and Cerdo en Chulete Empanizado.




Two women smiling at camera while working on their laptops
From left to right: Candance and Christina at Marketplace in Avalon Park

Marketplace is a food that houses Bowigens Beer Company and many other delicious food options from Spoleto to Resto Urban Kitchen and Avalon General. This is also where we house most of our Prosper and Flourish events!





image of coffee cup and cake
The conversation and food were too good to take a group photo.

A comfortable co-working place that has one of the best coffees on the east side of Orlando, Duo58. For every meal you enjoy from DUO58 Catering, a meal is provided for a child in Haiti.






3 women and a child smiling at camera
From left to right: Kattie, Allison holding Aubree, and Candace at Prairie House Coffee

The FIRST of our coffee journey as a group that is part of the Orlando Coffee Culture! As a local to Winter Garden, I’m a hue fan of Prairie House Coffee and they partner with Farm Nine flowers, which are my favorite to get at the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market. If you’re ever in the area, I’ll happily join you for a quick gluten-free bite at Prairie House Coffee.



As I write this article (and continue to update it throughout the year), I’m in awe that this is my life. I love coffee, and recently I’ve started to love networking and meeting new people and other moms in Orlando. I can’t wait to see what this year has brought and what amazing things have happened over a cup of coffee. 

P.S. If you know of a great Coffee Shop in Orlando, let us know. OR if you’re a Coffee Shop owner and want us to visit you and include you in our monthly update, LET US KNOW!

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