Covid-19 Means No Cafes. How To Brew Amazing Coffee At Home



The pandemic is forcing people to stay at home so that the virus does not spread further. Many businesses had to close, and many are starting to work at home. Despite what is happening outside, there are still plenty of things you can do at home. To become productive, you should start your day with a cup of coffee to keep your spirits up. Even if most cafes are currently closed, you can still make your fantastic coffee at home. With good quality coffee beans and the right equipment, you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup in the morning.

Ways To Brew Coffee At Home

With the proper equipment, there are several ways to brew fantastic coffee in your home. Below are the three most common ways you can do in your kitchen:


Pour Over Method

The pour over method does not require you to have a coffee maker. All you need to make a good quality cup of coffee are hot water, coffee beans, and a good quality coffee filter. The process of making brewed coffee with this method is simple.


The method involves pouring hot water through the coffee grounds, which are placed in a filter. The water passes through the filter, and this makes sure that you don’t get grains in your cup. The pour over method is also called hand brewing because you do not need any machinery to perform this method.


French Press

If you are used to dense and heavy coffee, you should have a French press. Brewing coffee using the French press is relatively easy as it only takes about four minutes to make a cup. You should make sure that when using a French press to make coffee, coffee beans should be ground coarser compared to the one used for the pour over method. The consistency of the ground beans should be similar to breadcrumbs to achieve that rich flavor.



Drip Method

Your simple coffee maker can help you create that perfect cup of coffee that you crave in the morning. Depending on the capacity of your coffee maker, you can create several batches for you and your family to use. To achieve good quality coffee with your simple coffee maker, make sure that you use good quality beans and ground them with the consistency that is similar to table salt.

Tips To Brew Amazing Coffee At Home

Brewing your coffee at home is a sustainable morning ritual you can do even after the quarantine period. Using your coffee beans and equipment lessens your carbon footprint. You don’t need to go to a café to get your daily dose of caffeine and produce waste with the coffee cups they use. You can enjoy your coffee with your cup at home without needing to get out of the house every morning.

To make sure that you produce the same coffee as home quality as the ones served in the café, here are some tips that you should follow:


Use Good Quality Coffee Beans

Your coffee is only as excellent as the quality of the beans you use for brewing. To have that rich and fulfilling taste, do not use pre-ground coffee. It is best to start with fresh, whole coffee beans because coffee reaches peak flavor days after is has been roasted. However, take note that when you buy fresh coffee beans, you should consume them within a month of its roast date.



Store Coffee Beans Properly

To keep your coffee beans fresh, you need to store them in the proper place. It is recommended to place the coffee beans inside a vacuum-sealed container to maintain that roasted flavor. If you don’t have a vacuum container, a regular mason jar will suffice.



How And When You Grind Is Important

It is not recommended to grind your coffee beans and then storing them. Experts believe that coffee tends to lose its flavor within 30 minutes after being ground. This is why you should immediately brew your coffee beans after grinding to keep that flavor intact.


The size and consistency after grinding coffee beans are essential as well. However, grinding will also depend on your taste. Grinding too coarse will not give you that much flavor, and grinding too fine will make the coffee too bitter.


Be Mindful Of Your Temperatures

Brewing at the right temperature is essential in making the most out of your coffee beans. When you use the pour method or French press, make sure that the water is between 195°F and 205°F after you take the pot away from the heat. If you are using a drip coffee machine, make sure that it reaches its optimal temperature.


To make sure that your coffee maker reaches the right temperatures, run it without coffee in the hopper then use a thermometer to measure the temperature. You can also try to measure the temperature while it is brewing. Remember not to exceed the maximum of 205°F because it will burn the coffee beans.


Be Mindful Of Your Measurements

Remember to measure the coffee by weight and not by volume and always use the same amount of coffee per unit of water every time you brew. The ideal ratio is one-part coffee and 20 parts water. This is about 7.5 grams of coffee for every 150 mL of water. Use a digital scale and measuring cup to make sure that your measurements are accurate.



Use The Right Water

The quality of the water you will use for brewing dramatically affects the taste of your coffee. Hard water contains minerals that doesn’t bond well with the coffee particulates. This will give you a bland and weak coffee. Hard water is also harmful to your coffee maker as minerals can build up inside.


Heavily filtered water is also harmful to the equipment as well since the lack of minerals will force the water to seep the minerals out of its metal components. This will degrade the machine’s performance over time. In terms of coffee quality, distilled water lead to over-extraction. Choose water that has the right mineral balance to protect your coffee maker and having that rich taste.


Coffee brewing is an art that many people should learn. Brewing your coffee at home could be part of your quarantine 30-day challenge. Staying at home and learning the art of brewing quality coffee will keep you busy while you are at home. During these trying times, it is recommended that people stay at home to reduce the spreading of the deadly virus. Take the tips into consideration and keep your mind and body healthy to avoid contracting the disease.



  1. Thanks for that Kristi! I am so sad the Starbucks I visit on the regular up the road has closed. 🙁 It makes me very sad because I used to visit them a few times a week now I don’t know what to do. I have a Nespresso machine at home and a milk frother as well…so I can totally make great coffee at Home. I just really enjoyed the interaction w/ the employees and how nice they were. I am a Stay at Home Mom…so I am used to staying at Home….anyways….Thanks for this article! 🙂 I appreciate it.

  2. I’ve been spoiled because the Einstein Bros. bagel shop on my way to work is open, so I’m able to stop and visit often. And thankfully, even though I have to go to work, 80-90% of the employees are working from home, so I feel like my exposure is minimum to none at work. That said … my 30 Day Challenge is “budgeting,” so I probably should be brewing at home more! LOL! And I’ve been wanting to try that #dalgonacoffee trend that everyone keeps sharing about. Thanks for these tips! 🙂


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