Gift Guide for your Child’s Teacher!


We’ve put together a collection of our most popular posts to help you say THANK YOU to the heros who teach our children! We hope this gift guide for Teachers is a helpful tool, filled with ideas you can DIY or buy at the store. We’ve polled teachers to ensure this gift guide is “Teacher Approved”!

Best & Worst Gift Ideas for Teachers

This is an “Official Guide to Teacher Gifts” because we polled ACTUAL TEACHERS. We asked teachers for their favorite and least favorite gifts. Here are the thoughtful responses from our teacher friends to help you select just the right gift for your child’s teacher.

DIY Gift Basket For Your Child’s Teacher!

Create a simple DIY gift basket for your child’s teacher with items you can find at your local Target, Walmart, a dollar store, or even grocery store. Be sure to attach a cute saying to each item!

DIY Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts


Here are some thoughtful DIY teacher appreciation gifts that you can give to your child’s teacher this year. They are also super quick and easy, which is an added bonus!



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