Finding THE ONE is a special moment you’ll never forget – and no, we’re not talking about partners! A great swimsuit that hugs your every curve and inspires confidence every time you put it on is a truly unique and rare piece. 

Unfortunately, swimsuit fabric has to put up with a lot: chlorine in pools, sunscreen, bug spray, tanning oil, saltwater, and more can fade and damage the material. If you want to ensure your favorite swimsuit lasts a lifetime, care and maintenance are a critical part of the equation. Check out this guide on how to wash your swimsuits to guarantee they look amazing all summer long.

Washing By Hand

Many specialty bathing suits come with detailed care instructions that specify that you shouldn’t ever use a washing machine. But, washing your swimsuit by hand also comes with plenty of dangers. Wash your suit the right way to make sure that it’s actually clean without damaging the integrity of the construction, fading the colors, and wearing down the elastic.

  1. Turn your suit inside out.
  2. Dab laundry detergent on a soft-bristled nylon brush, like a toothbrush.
  3. Softly scrub the neckline, crotch, and other areas that develop sunscreen stains.
  4. Rinse the suit in sudsy water and squeeze the fabric for a few minutes.
  5. Empty the water and refill your tub with cool, clean water.
  6. Rinse the suit again while gently squeezing – don’t wring!
  7. Roll your suit in a towel made of terrycloth material to absorb the water.
  8. Hang it up to air dry in an area that has frequent air circulation.

It’s recommended to keep your swimsuit out of direct sunlight, as this can fade bright colors. You also want to avoid throwing your swimsuit into the dryer on high heat, because the temperature can damage the fabric.

Washing By Machine

If your bathing suit is safe to wash in the machine, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Follow these tips for a better wash and care that makes your suit last longer.

  • Wash your suit with similar fabrics – no towels or jeans in the load.
  • Wash your swimsuit inside out.
  • Pre-treat sunscreen stains with gentle detergent.
  • Use mesh laundry bags to prevent snags in the machine.
  • Set the machine to use cold water on the gentle cycle.
  • Remove your suit promptly and air dry.

A Few More Tips

There are a few more care tips you might not know about that could make a difference to the longevity of your swimwear, including:

  • Wash bathing suits as soon as possible after each use.
  • Don’t leave your suit rolled up or wet.
  • Don’t soak your bathing suit overnight.
  • Never use bleach on your suit.
  • Don’t iron or dry clean your bathing suit.
  • Avoid sitting on harsh or abrasive surfaces when wearing your swimsuit.
  • Don’t hang dry your suit on metal, as it can leave rust stains behind.

Ready to preserve your swimsuit for years? Follow these tips for best results and lounge around reading your summer book list worry-free!


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