Recently a friend who learned that I started writing for OMB asked me, “How on earth do you have time to write with your busy body around?!” And I usually either laugh it off or answer with  “you do what you gotta do!”Although, I’m realizing that since I’ve become a mom, I’ve been using that phrase to answer many questions…Sounds like the beginning of another blog post. 

I digress.


Here are my top five ways of writing a blog with a toddler:

1) Nap Time

Nap time is every mother’s chance to collect themselves, nap, do laundry, pay bills, eat all the things they don’t want to share, watch her favorite guilty pleasure, and for bloggers, it’s prime time to write (which is what I am currently attempting to do now). Well, ideally, I will attempt to get all of those things done and then start writing, but even when that happens, I will start writing, think about the washing the dogs bed and then I’m off to do that task. Classic mom brain. All of this while feeling the ticking nap time countdown clock pounding in your head. It’s loud and full of pressure of the impending wake up call from your tiny boss. If you get a paragraph or two down, then feel like you’ve used your time wisely.

2) Toy Laptop

Your tiny human wants to be just like you, so typing away on your computer while they only have blocks is simply not an option. I took advice from a fellow mommy friend and I purchased a toy laptop from a consignment sale. And let me tell you it was the best dollar that I’ve ever spent! Well, for the first few times…now she’s over it. It’s not a real computer, I am not typing on it, and she is way too smart, hence making this ruse an adequate solution in the beginning and perhaps in a few months when she’s forgotten about it and I present it again as a new toy. The first few days though were great. I got a full 25 minutes of uninterrupted writing!

3) A Little TV Break

In times of desperation, I turn to the trusted fuzzy, furry, squeaky voiced puppets to allow me a semi-guaranteed 20 minutes of writing time. Now, I know that the show is generally 55 minutes long, but that’s about as long as she will sit there for. And I know, I know, television isn’t always the best option and there are many studies and opinions about it, but sometimes, a mama’s gotta do, what a mama’s gotta do. (Side note: I also use this when I need a safe haven of time to brush my teeth in peace or finally paint my long over due toenails.)

Did I also note that a TV break also includes pulling out all the things?

4) Free Reign in Pots and Pans Cabinet

Now, I know this sounds counter-productive as pots and pens tend to be a noisy activity by default, but I do believe selective hearing is one of God’s greatest gifts to mothers. Oh the things we can drown out! This works because it’s something that I rarely let her do for this exact reason. She can bang and stir, mix and stack all she wants for 15 minutes. Once I can focus, the words just flow out. Although I have noticed that my writing during this time tends to be quite choppy. I may need to rethink this one.

5) Bed Time

Often a time frame that is reserved for rest and relaxation, this is also a great time to write. Sleeping kiddo, and often sleeping husband, no one calling your name, and no one to feed but the hungry empty scree in front of you. However, this time seems to tick by so quickly and soon you are fighting off yawns. Then come the plethora of dessert temptations and internal quarrels with your television about if you’re going to watch just one more episode, also known as entering into an unplanned Netflix marathon. As you can see, this is a dangerous, dangerous time, but it often is the most effective option. If you can stay the course for at least 45 minutes, you can get the job done. I mean after all, you’ve practically written half, ahem, a quarter of your blog already during the the other four attempts. Plus there is extra time for the the days when you have to start from scratch because you wrote your grocery list instead of your enlightening thoughts on potty training.

Yes that’s peanut butter and chocolate chips. And yes, sometimes WordPress and Netflix look exactly alike. 😉

Yes, we surely have to be creative to get our words from brain to draft, but just remember, your a mom and creativity is your oyster. At the end of the day, you do what you gotta do. And then hit publish, and drift off into dreamland.

…Of course only after you’ve loaded the dishwasher, put the toys away, checked all your social media outlets one last time, and inspected the new wily gray hair on the side of your head.

Yes then you can get to sleep…

Until a blog epiphany hits you at 2 am.  😉

What are your favorite ways of keeping your toddler occupied when you have something important to do? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. This mama is always up for new ideas! 




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