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I think Sarah is only my second repeat author for a favorite book of the month and I am truly not surprised. I loved every moment of her first two books. The Soulmate Theory makes an appearance on our Ultimate Beach Reads list, while the Fate Philosophy was my favorite read of last September. I adore her writing and am so thankful that she sent me a copy of this book early. I am confident that this book will remain my favorite book of the year – I do not know how anything can top Leo and Darby. They made me laugh, swoon, blush, and ugly cry. I hope you all pick this on up ASAP!

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Heathen & Honeysuckle took the spot of favorite book of hers by about 30%. Leo and Darby are the most precious second chance romance I think I have ever read. Darby is literally moments from walking down the aisle and marrying someone else, but Leo comes to the rescue after getting a letter that she was too scared to mail herself (big shoutout to her sister who mails it for her). These two set off on a roadtrip back to Pacific Shores and they’re forced to face the painful end of their relationship ten years ago.

Heathen & Honeysuckle Summary:

Darby goes to Pacific Shores one summer to stay with her grandmother. She knows something strange is happening at home when she leaves. Her parents are “dealing” with her sister and want Darby away for the summer. She meets Leo and his group of friends and they all form quick friendships. Darby sends the summer exploring Pacific Shores and falls in love with the free-spirited surfer, Leo. But when Darby leaves Pacific Shores in the middle of the night and never looks back, Leo never loses hope that she will come back. Ten years later, he gets his first communication from her, a letter weeks before her wedding to another man, begging him to help her. He drops everything to go to her. On their journey back to Pacific Shores, it’s hard to ignore how they’re just as in sync as they were that summer they first fell in love. But Darby is holding onto big secrets about why she left and she is sure that Leo will never forgive her when he learns the truth. But, in perfect Leo fashion, he proves he has never and will never leave her.


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This book is perfect if you love the runaway bride, dual timelines, professional surfer MMC, good girl/bad boy, road trip/forced proximity, tattoos for each other and second chance romances.

There are explicit romance scenes in this novel but they do not rival the plot, they only drive the plot forward.

Favorite Quotes from Heathen & Honeysuckle:

“Be selfish for once, Darby. Please.”

I squeeze her hand four times. I’ll. Keep. You. Safe.

I’ve split my lifetime in two: before Darby and after Darby. I haven’t allowed myself to savor the blip of time that was Darby.

“If you could go anywhere in the world right now, Darby, where would you go?” … “I want to go to Pacific Shores. I want to go home.”

“Even after you got my letter, you still thought I couldn’t love you through this?” … “What letters?!”

Grab your copy here: eBook or Paperback


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