Hurricane Kits: Pandemic-Style


In Florida we normally look at hurricane season as just another season of the year.

Spring Season
Summer Season
Hurricane Season
Fall Season
(And a tiny bit of) Winter Season (friends up North, just humor us!)

We properly prepare, making sure trees are trimmed back from our homes, that our insurance plans are up to date, and we make sure that our 72-hour kits and emergency contingency plans are good to go as well. That, of course is during a normal year….but post-2020 and COVID… anything could happen… So an overactive hurricane season in the midst of a pandemic is pretty much expected, right?! So we need to be hurricane ready, pandemic-style!

We know how to normally prepare our 72-hour kits and what kind of emergency contingency plan we need. We traditionally know where a shelter is if we find ourselves in need, like needing to evacuate quickly. However, we all know this isn’t a normal year. So here are some things to add to your 72-hour kit and some things to think about when looking over your emergency contingency plan!

Hurricane Pandemic

72-hour Hurricane Kits, Pandemic-Style

Include everything that you would normally include, however add the following!

  • Disposable Face Masks: I know masks are not the comfiest, you may find yourself in need of supplies though and will most likely be required to have a mask. You will want disposable ones because electricity may be out to wash your reusable ones.
  • Hand Sanitizer: You will want safe quick ways to clean your hands often!
  • Clorox/Lysol Wipes: You will want to wipe down surfaces easily, and as people come and go for supplies you will want to clean surfaces in your home often.

Emergency Contingency Plan Additions

  • Check to see if the shelter you would normally use is still going to be used.
  • Consider a hotel for an evacuation plan.
  • If you normally evacuate out of state, check to see if there are quarantine restrictions for Florida residents in place for those states before traveling. If there are restrictions, be prepared to quarantine or change your normal plan.

Keep in mind that we are all in this together!

  • Fill your gas tank now and don’t let it drop below half the rest of the season!
  • Stock up now adding to your 72-hour kit a little each time you shop that way you are not stuck in the store in long lines, it’s not fun in a normal hurricane season and its even less fun during a pandemic!
  • Have a plan and follow it, it’s all going to work out!
Your Favorite Emergency Manager


P.S. Hurricane Parties for one are totally acceptable 😉


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