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December’s Book of the Month is Cocoa Kisses by Melanie Jacobson!

If you follow me on social media, follow my Goodreads or have spent any time with me in person, you know that I read a lot and that most of those books are spicy romances (I will throw a mystery or thriller in the mix during the falls). However, I have found a small handful of closed door romance authors that I love to read. These authors ALWAYS deliver on making me laugh, smile and swoon. Melanie is one of those authors – I love her humor and the small towns she creates are just so special and magical.

I LOVE Christmas themed books to get me into the spirit – especially since we moved from Michigan to Florida. I have so many recommendations if you need a good Christmas book! This sweet novella is atop this list for me this year.

I read Taylor and Levi’s story in one sitting and I haven’t laughed harder, swooned more or smiled so big in a novella EVER. I loved being back in Creekville – although you do not need to have read the other books in the series to appreciate their story. These two are the perfect friends to lovers dynamic with a fun mix of a quirky small town at Christmas time.

Cocoa Kisses Summary:

Levi is back in Creekville after working around the globe as a reporter for the last couple of years. He reconnects with his best friend Taylor and is helping her organize the Creekville Christmas celebration. They find themselves on a road trip to bring live reindeer to town for the parade. But a pending snow storm means they have to spend the night at Levi’s family mountain home. Facing a night stuck inside these two finally confront the elephant in the room in their friendship – a Christmas kiss years ago that changed everything.

Cocoa Kisses Pacing Guide:

The book is under 200 pages and considering how busy this month is for us as moms, take your time and savor these two over the full month… or cuddle up with them and read them in a sitting like I did!

Discussion on our book Club Facebook page about Cocoa Kisses will start December 28, with any in person discussion to be announced at a later date!

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