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March’s Book of the Month is Paint Me Perfect by Kay Cove!

Paint Me Perfect by Kay Cove book cover - orange with beach, palm trees, airplane and luggage
Paint Me Perfect by Kay Cove book cover via Amazon

If you’ve been around for a while, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this author finally pop up on my pick for Book Club this month. I love Kay’s writing – she consistently tackles real life situations with care and grace. Noa and Chase’s story is no different. I cannot wait to hear everyone’s thoughts about how she tackles some big topics in this book!

This newly rebranded series comes to a conclusion in April with First Comes Forever.

Paint Me Perfect Summary:

Noa is a single mom who is working hard to keep her family home so that she can hold onto the only life she and her son know. She’s dealing with her recent divorce with only the support of her amazing friends because she is worried about letting her own family down by telling them. Chase is Hollywood’s golden boy but he’s tired of the fast paced life he’s been living. He wants something solid and true. So when these two quite literally get shoved together, they come up with a plan to fake date. Chase will clean up his image, land his dream role and get away from the partying lifestyle that’s become expected of him. In return, he will buy Noa’s house and gift it to her so she and her son can stay in Denver. It seems so simple. But when their pasts catch up to them and change everything they think they’ve come to know, how will they react and how can they possibly move forward?

Paint Me Perfect Pacing Guide:

March 3 – 8: Chapter 1 – 8

March 9 – 14: Chapter 9 – 18

March 15 – 21: Chapter 19 – 29

March 22 – 28: Chapter 30 – epilogue

Discussion on our book Club Facebook page starting March 28, with any in person discussion to be announced at a later date!

This book does have on page spice, so reach out to me if you’d like chapters to skip if you prefer to read closed door romance.

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