Preparing for your Family Photoshoot


Around this time of year a lot of us are scrambling to get those holiday pictures done in time for the Christmas cards. I try to be pretty organized, but with everything else going on pictures for me are last minute this year. My first thought when I book a photo session with my photographer is “panic!” I panic because of many reasons, but my main ones are what to wear and how to time it so the kids make it through without a meltdown. I have a few tips I have learned (the hard way!) over the years.

Making Memories

For starters, try to get outfits picked out in advance. I always have a backup outfit too because usually one child will decide they don’t like what you have picked out. I try to pick outfits that are comfortable and easy to move in because sometimes there’s sitting or kneeling, or some crazy position your photographer will suggest. As for color scheme, you want to coordinate but not be too matchy, matchy. You don’t all need to wear blue shirts to coordinate, but maybe add in some turquoise or purple, even gray would work well.

Once you have the outfits figured out, you will need to decide what time works well with your family. Mornings seem to work best for my kids. They are still rested from the night before and typically can handle an hour of pictures without a meltdown. The lighting is usually best in the morning too, so it’s a win, win.

Snacks and drinks are essential when doing a family photo shoot. I always go with “safe” choices like water instead of sticky juice, and crackers instead of something with powdered cheese!

Lastly, try not to “panic” but keep calm and enjoy the experience. Not every shot will come out perfectly, but those are sometimes the best memories. This is our time as moms to finally show up in a photo for once and not be the one behind the camera. I know I often focus on some body part that I don’t like (my arms) and run from the camera. So I am gonna put a smile on my face, a cardigan over my arms, and make some memories…unless I have a panic attack first!


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