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I read a lot of good books in February, from saying goodbye to the Hartley family in Ashes of You to laughing out loud from The Reason I Married Him – I had a great book month. But Reputation by Jenna Hartley was my absolute favorite of the bunch. If you haven’t caught on yet, I love romance books especially when they feature an age gap between the main characters and have a great balance of spicy and sweet moments – Jenna DELIVERED.

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Reputation by Jenna Hartley book cover – image from Amazon

Jenna is a relatively new-to-me author but I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers. I enjoyed Reputation from start to finish, but the female main character is really what stole the show for me. Emerson is an olympic level athlete and she is dealing with the mental and physical weight of preforming well at all times. She’s being pushed by her coach, who is also her dad, to be the very best so that her career can last many more years. But Emerson is struggling with deciding what SHE wants her future to look like. Nate is the first person we really see sit with her through those thoughts and offer support no matter what she wants. I just loved this unique perspective of a female main character.

Reputation Summary:

Emerson is Nate’s new nanny. He is struggling to keep up between work demands and his daughter’s schedule and Emerson’s support is allowing him to be more present with his daughter. Nate is a movie star turned producer (and brother to Knox from Jenna’s book Temptation) with an ex-wife who wants nothing to do with their daughter. One day, Nate gets a phone call that Emerson has been rushed to the emergency room for an allergic reaction and when he arrives at the hospital, he is told he cannot get in to see her. Nate lies to the nurse, saying that Emerson is his fiancée. By the time Emerson is alert and awake, the story has broken about his ‘engagement’ to his daughter’s nanny and he has to convince Emerson to go along with the ploy. Nate offers her money in exchange for a year of pretending to be engaged. The money will help support Emerson’s dream of starting a clothing line and the year will help convince the courts that Nate’s ex wife shouldn’t have contact with their daughter. But a trip out of the country changes everything between Nate and Emerson and they’ll have to decide how to proceed once they are home.


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Favorite Quotes from Reputation:

“I wanted… a man who actually listened to me and supported my goals without feeling threatened by my ambition or success.”

“I think I’m hallucinating because the doctor just referred to me as your fiancée.”

“If someone had asked me to describe the perfect mom for Brooklyn, it would be Emerson.”

“And for a moment, I could imagine this was our life. Our real life and not just an act.”

“I loved her. I had for a while not. I just had been too scared to admit it.”

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