Toys. Everywhere.

Every parent understands the ongoing struggle of keeping the toys under control and the house looking (moderately) presentable. The toys multiply at night, they’re out of the baskets and off the shelves in 3.2 seconds, making it look like nobody ever attempted to clean up.

Now, look at that same scenario with the lens of needing to sell your family home and have it look picture-perfect, like a Pottery Barn catalog where nobody lives, let alone you, your spouse, two kids, a dog and probably a goldfish.

That’s the struggle of selling a home when a family actually lives there. Today’s buyers expect to walk into a home and find it looking like a model home – spotless and ‘show ready’ – not with crumbs ground into the carpet and pairs of small shoes scattered everywhere. You can have the “Please Excuse The Mess, My Children are Making Memories” sign hanging on the wall, but buyers won’t care. Buyers hunting for their next home don’t want to see any of ‘you’ and your family in your current house, because they need to be able to imagine themselves and their family there instead.

Many families stay put in too-small houses or less-than-desirable floor plans, or in neighborhoods that no longer feel right because the stress and hassle are too much to deal with when you’ve got small kiddos. But now, in Orlando, there’s a new way to sell a home without the headache, and without the need to keep the house picture-perfect and vacate at a moment’s notice for a showing or open house!

Enter Opendoor. Opendoor is a new and simple way to sell a home for what it’s worth at a competitive price (no low-ball offers here!) without the stress and hassle of listing it on the market. Moving can be a time-consuming, costly, and chaotic process. Selling your current home can drag on and on for weeks or months as an agent lists it on the market, holds open house and showings, field offers, negotiates, and finally closes. The closing date may not line up with the move-in date for the new home, leading to either two mortgage payments for the month or a gap in time that might require temporary housing or shacking up with your in-laws. With kids, either option is a major headache and logistical nightmare. Opendoor eliminates all of those issues by providing an offer on a home, allowing a homeowner to skip the hassle and close on their own timeline.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and want to avoid the struggle of the traditional process, simply go to and request an offer. Enter some basic information about your home and detail any upgrades or improvements you’ve made, the whole process takes about 10 minutes and within approximately 48 hours, you will receive your offer. If you like the offer you can accept and be on your way to selling your home in record time – without ever picking up a single toy for a showing or open house.


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