Motherhood is a gift unlike any other. Our bodies have been blessed by nature with the ability to give life to another being. This power of creation, however, comes with responsibilities galore. Raising a child is a full-time job that requires endless time and love. But a lot can also be lost in the personal sphere in devoting yourself to your children.

Time seems to fly by. And before you know it, the years have been tucked away into photo albums. You may glance in the mirror one day, and not recognize the tired and weary person staring back at you. With all your attention and time directed at your children, it seems there has been little love spared for your own self. You may even feel wistful for the young, energetic person you used to be. 

But maintaining a youthful appearance can be simple. Contrary to popular belief, appearing youthful goes way below the surface, involving a few different areas of intentional care. Read on to discover how you can take charge of your image and project a youthful and energized version of yourself – both inward and outward.

1. Feel Good in Your Skin

Your skin is like the cover of a book. In fact, a brief glance at someone’s skin can reveal plenty about how they view themselves. Happy, glowing skin is the hallmark of self-love and patience, while irritated or dull skin reveals neglect and stress. 

A few key steps at the end of the day can make the difference towards lending you a youthful glow. You don’t need an elaborate skincare routine or expensive creams. Simply cleansing your face of makeup and regularly moisturizing your skin with a nourishing lotion will make a huge difference. And if you don’t already, then begin wearing sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun whenever you leave the house. 

Taking care of your skin will nourish your physical as well as your emotional well-being. By spending those five minutes with yourself at the beginning and end of each day, you will feel more in touch with yourself and build a loving relationship with your body.

2. Take Care of Your Hair

Coloring gray hair is a popular way to cover up the signs of age and the stress of motherhood. But artificial dyes can have an adverse effect on your hair and scalp in the long run. While repeatedly exposing your hair to chemicals is harmful enough, it is also impractical to keep up regular hair appointments while juggling school recitals, soccer practice pickups, and playdates for your young ones.

Of course, everyone could do with a freshened-up mane every now and then. But we suggest going the safer route and searching for plant-based dyes instead. Not only are natural dyes less harmful, but they are also popular ways to stimulate hair growth. Forego the expensive treatments and products, and simply implement some simple home remedies for hair growth.

If nothing else seems to appeal to you, then consider getting a fresh haircut that suits your face shape and hair texture. This is always a great way to give your hair a healthier appearance, immediately helping you exude youthful charm.

3. Make Room for Movement

A significant aspect of exuding youth and energy is maintaining your physique by staying active. There are plenty of ways to incorporate movement into your routine without disrupting your responsibilities as a mother. You may want to work in a dance or pilates class while the kids are at school, or begin daily walks with your favorite podcast. 

For moms juggling their careers with family, finding the needed work-life balance can be hard. This is why we recommend opting for something relaxing like yoga instead. This can be something to look forward to after work, while ensuring you remain in touch with your body’s movement and flow. Playing sports with your kids or going for regular walks or hikes is also a great way to bring the family together too.

But exercising and movement isn’t about maintaining a trim figure or fitting into trendy clothes. Making sure you are active is another form of self-care and a way to thank your body for the miracle of life it has given you. Remember, a youthful glow is as much about inner peace as it is about external growth.

4. Explore the Current Fashion and Culture

Appearing youthful is easier when your cultural know-how aligns with what’s trending. You may have felt alienated when everyone’s talking about the latest popular show or experienced remorse at not being able to participate in get-togethers or movie nights with your friends.

Well – that can change. Focus on finding a sitter that you can trust and make it a point to be part of such gatherings once in a while. This will make you feel energized and included, as well as allow you to soak up the cultural happenings in your surroundings. 

Fashion is another great avenue to explore if you’d like to bring your youthful side to the front. Try new silhouettes and experiment with playful colors whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to invest in some statement jewelry or purses. It’s a good idea to browse fashion spreads and refer to curated fashion mood boards for some inspiration. What’s important is that you embrace your personality and breathe new life into it through your style.

5. Plan Ahead and Cherish Today

Frown lines, endless worrying, and anxious thoughts about the future are all severe impediments to the youthful glow you are seeking. But as mothers, the instinct to worry about what tomorrow may hold for your children is natural and unavoidable. Unless, that is, you take action today and secure their future through some critical decisions.

Taking active measures towards estate planning and writing out your will can put aside your anxieties about the future. After all, it’s important to free up your mind so you can focus on your children’s growth and cherish each moment of the present. 

Doing so will automatically allow your youthfulness to bubble to the surface and shine through with fresh energy. After all, being youthful doesn’t mean that you can’t also be pragmatic.

The Time to Act is Now

Maintaining a youthful appearance has far more than a few benefits. Apart from helping you regain confidence and turning back the wheels of time, enhancing your youth can bring you closer to your family.

When you let go of worries and embrace your inner child, you’ll be able to connect with your kids at a greater level. By tapping into your energetic and carefree self, you’re essentially breaking down the barrier between you and your young ones. They may even feel more comfortable talking to you about key events in their lives. 

Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to remind your partner that you’re still the same you from years ago – only far wiser and much more experienced. Nonetheless, these five tips are just the beginning. Following this path can help you begin your journey toward becoming a more spirited and present mom today.


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