A trip to Disney World is magical, but it can be costly. While enjoying Disney World’s to-die-for rides and activities comes at a price, it’s possible to enjoy your Disney World vacation and not break the bank. 

Here are some tips to enjoy your Disney World dream vacation and not break the bank: 

Buy Tickets Upfront :

The cost of a one-day ticket to Disney World will cost you over $100, and the price could approach $150 depending on the time of year you take your trip. However, if you buy a multi-day ticket, the cost per day decreases for each additional day you add. You’re also likely to find cheaper tickets in January, February, May, August, and September.  

Remember, the best ticket deals aren’t found on the Disney World website. You’re better off navigating through resellers to find the most affordable ticket deals so that your Disney World vacation is on budget. You can find a review of resellers in this guide to getting discounts on Disney World Tickets

Take Advantage of Free Activities :

There’s a lot to be discovered at Disney World, beyond the parks, and many of these activities are free. An example is a visit to Animal Kingdom Lodge, a luxurious resort on Disney World property themed with African-inspired details.  Even if you aren’t booked at the lodge, you can walk around the property to see its beautiful resident animals like zebras, gazelles, flamingos, and giraffes. 

Some of the best things in life are free. That includes stargazing and campfire sing-alongs, which are great activities for a Disney World date night. Also, you can take advantage of the outdoor screening of Disney movies held every night at Fort Wilderness and other onsite resorts.

You can also enjoy Disney Springs, which is a world of its own filled with shops, restaurants, and shows that are bound to give you goosebumps. Best of all, if you’re staying at a Disney World resort, Disney Springs is only a free boat or bus ride away from your Disney World hotel. If you are renting a car, you can park here for free!

Avoid Paying Disney World Restaurant Prices :

Disney World allows outside food. Shocking, right?! But this is an excellent way to save your money without starving yourself and your loved ones. So, you can carry your food to Disney World, except for glass bottles and food items that require a microwave. 

You can order for a food delivery to your resort upon your arrival! Bringing your food into the park is an excellent way to reduce unnecessary costs and avoid lengthy food lines. You can pack a lovely picnic lunch, including fruit, cookies, bottled water, and sandwiches. 

However, if you have to buy food, try to purchase it using cash or gift card so you’re better in control of the money spent.

Use Your Own Cameras for Pictures :

While getting your pictures taken by professionals is absolute bliss, photos taken by Disney Photo Pass photographers will cost you about $200. You can add Memory Maker onto your tickets (only one person in your party needs it) so you can save all of those PhotoPass pictures. The price is manageable if you’re able to split it among other families in your party or if you use it in place of your family pictures for the year.

BUT is a little-known trick that will save you money: Professional photographers at Disney World can still take pictures of you using your phone, free of charge. 

Bring Your Sunscreen with You :

The only thing you should be bringing home with you after an amazing Disney World trip is fantastic memories and cute souvenirs, NOT a sunburn. Florida weather can be hot and humid! However, you’ll pay up to 40% more when you buy sunscreen in the park. Your best bet is picking up a bottle in a grocery store before you make your way to Disney World. 

Plan for Some Days at Your Resort Pool :

No doubt, spending days at the park is amazing, but relaxing is fun too. If you swim a lot back home, the chances are that swimming pools don’t wow you anymore. 

However, the Disney hotel pools are not exactly ordinary. Instead, they’re huge, themed, and simply incredible. You’ll probably feel like you’re still at the park. 

So, you don’t have to spend every day of your vacation at Disney parks. You can also relax at the pool. Your legs and wallet will thank you for it. 

Disney World certainly can be enjoyed on a budget. Although a trip to Disney World is never going to be the cheapest vacation you’ll take, you can still find ways to conserve money on food, accommodations, tickets, and transport.

Originally posted 3/8/2022, updated 9/5/2023


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