Date nights at Disney are the perfect way to put some magic into a typical night out with your other half. It’s one of my favorite places to go hang out one-on-one with my husband and reconnect. It’s on Disney date nights where we fell in love with each other, got engaged and where we continue to enjoy time with just the two of us. 

After nearly a decade of date nights at Disney, here’s a list of my favorite places to go. 


spaceship earth with trees and sunlightOh, there are SO many options here! This is easily my favorite place on Disney property to spend time with my husband. Here’s why. 

The food:

Much of the year, Epcot hosts several festivals, which makes for a flexible, stress-free and casual date night. I love to spend the evening trying out all sorts of tapas-style international cuisine while strolling around the countries. When there isn’t a festival going on, I am always sure to book reservations at Spice Road Table in Morocco. It has plenty of entree offerings, but also an amazing list of shareable appetizers. My husband and I love ordering a few different appetizers and then sharing them all. Bonus: if you sit outside, you get a great view of the World Showcase Lagoon! 

Live Music:

There are so many live music options here. We love to watch the British Revolution in the UK, but also love watching the Canadian bands that rotate throughout the year at the Canadian Pavilion. In addition, there are lots up “pop up” musical acts throughout the countries, and Disney is great about bringing in fresh, talented acts into the park. 

The views:

My husband and I love to chat while we’re getting lost in little nooks within the countries. Ever go deep into Morocco? Ever walk through the Stave Church in Norway? It feels like you’re traveling through little markets across the world, and there’s never a lack of things to talk about. In additional, there are gorgeous sunsets to be seen around the lake! 

Unique Experience:

Go get a portrait done in France! It’s not cheap, but if you’re celebrating a milestone in your relationship, it really is a unique way to keep the memory of that night alive. The night my husband proposed to me, we got a caricature done of us and it still hangs in our house today! 

Eiffel TowerDisney Springs 

The food:

Disney Springs boasts an impressive list of restaurants that appeals to a variety of palates, however I have two favorites here. Raglan Road is an Irish-themed restaurant with authentic food and ambience. The restaurant also has a show right in the center of their restaurant with talented Irish step dancers. It’s a must-see! But, if you’re looking for something less formal, go to the Hangar Bar. It’s totally underrated (which means less of a crowd) and it has outdoor seating right on the lake. 

After dinner:

The Edison is a multi-level bar and restaurant with lots of unique entertainment on each floor. It’s lively ambience will keep your date night together going late! 

Unique Experience:

I love going on the hot air balloon at Disney Springs. It’s not for everyone (namely anyone who has a fear of heights – it goes up pretty high!), but the views cannot be beat. Note: Check the weather report before you go though because the balloon won’t fly in windy conditions. 

The Boardwalk 

The food:

If you’re feeling fancy, Flying Fish is the place to be. One time, I ordered scallops for dinner and went to the restroom when the food had been served. They took the scallops back until I returned because the less-than-twenty-four-hour-old scallops should be eaten at a certain temperature. If that’s not fancy, I don’t know what is! 

After dinner:

AbracadaBar is a funky, magic-themed (obviously) bar with small bites. It boasts an impressive list of spirits and cocktails along with a fun atmosphere. Bonus: it’s right next door to the Flying Fish! 

The ambience:

It’s just so pretty on the Boardwalk at night. Simply sitting on one of the many tables that are available next to the lake makes for a perfect place to chat and get in that one-on-one time that sometimes is difficult to fit in when there are kids around. Kick back, chat and watch the boats go by! 

While these are my favorites, no matter where you go on your date night at Disney, the “Disney magic effect” is real. There’s something about the place that makes a night for two unique and unforgettable. 

If you’re ready for a memorable evening together, book that babysitter and get down to Disney for your next date night!

Guest Post by Laurie Crocker

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