TekyGo! is a fun trampoline game for active toddlers. It is a fun trampoline game that connects to your TV. So on a hot Florida day, your littles will be able to burn off some energy indoors. My two girls are 5 1/2 and 3, so they are a great age for a toy like this. I also love that they are moving their body and learning at the same time.

We were gifted the Junior Bouncer Bundle which comes with the trampoline, the sensor and the portal.

Set up is simple and took us about 20 minutes. TekyGo! has an app lets you track your kids progress to see how they are learning. Their app was developed along side child development specialists, but the app is not required for play. TekyGo! has games about the alphabet, counting, world geography, spelling and wildlife. TekyGo! also releases new content every month, so there is always something new for your littles to learn! I love when my girls can learn a new skill or gain new knowledge through experiences because they retain that knowledge better. Plus, they think they are watching a screen (and they are, but it isn’t a mindless show or movie), so they think they’ve won the battle of screen time for the day, when in reality I have won – they’re learning and don’t even know it!

While I love the trampoline and the fun my girls can have with it, our only TV is in a room with all tile floors. My exuberant bouncers have gotten a little wild on the TekyGo! trampoline. This has led to some short play sessions and a need for a creative solution to provide some padding around the trampoline. This is not meant to deter you from getting one from your house, just something to consider about where your children will play with a TekyGo! in your home and if an area rug or some pillows might take away some of that worry.

Happy jumping!


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