Word of the Year: Less


I’m someone who is comfortable being busy. After years of nurturing a fast-paced career, raising littles, keeping things steady at home while my husband travels… I’m not one to sit around and relish free time.

But I’ve noticed something in recent months: I’m tired. I’m struggling to meet some of my personal goals because I have too many things to focus on simultaneously. Things like clutter in my home or traffic that impacts my tight schedule is enough to send me over.

So, this year I’m committing to less.

Less stress.

Having less stuff.

Less mindless scrolling and online impulse buys.

Just doing less.

Now I’m no slacker, so I’ll still be giving 110% where it counts. But I think that making a few small changes here and there will help lessen the load. Like not committing to things that I really don’t want to do, and chipping away at my massive array of sample products and makeups before buying new stuff. I’m kind of over buying random home decor/things we don’t need and am working to streamline and simplify our home for less visual clutter. You get the idea. Here’s to 2023



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