Barbie-core is a trend and phenomenon that encapsulates the doll’s spirit and style, encouraging those who are interested in it to decorate, dress, and live in timeless appeal. While Barbie is glamorized in bright pinks and sparkles, the Barbie-core style also includes soft and rich pastel pink hues, along with bright neons, bold accents, and metallic touches.

In addition to vibrant pinks and the reminiscence of many children’s childhood experiences, Barbie-core is a great way for anyone to showcase self-expression and their childlike whimsy. With this in mind, here are six fashion staples that convert your wardrobe into Barbie-core!

Popping Pink Jackets

Wearing pink and bright colors isn’t just for summer. In fact, finding fun designs and patterns to add to your wardrobe in fall and winter is a great way to keep your wardrobe feeling the Barbie-core vibe even while sipping a pumpkin spice latte or peppermint mocha.

Cozy up with a pastel pink denim jacket, or throw on a popping pink blazer to finish off your outfit. Even if your ensemble is not all-pink, your outerwear will speak volumes of the beloved Barbie-core trend.


Dazzling Dresses

A Barbie-core girl can’t show off that style without an expansive collection of beautiful, glamorous dresses for every occasion.

When you’re out and about, a simple sundress can show off your easy-going spirit and keep you comfortable while featuring pastel colors and fun patterns.

If you’re heading to work and want to look every bit as Barbie-core fabulous, a cashmere dress in pink pastel can do just the trick.


When you’re heading out for a night on the town, choose brightly-colored dresses or dresses with fun, feminine details for clubs or nice restaurants.


Sassy Swimwear

When a Barbie-core girl is heading to the pool, lake, or beach, she has to keep her style forward. Having fun, bright, and durable swimwear is the perfect answer. For an added bonus, in addition to choosing Barbie-core colors for your swimwear, opt for UPF 50 swimwear as well.

With this on, you’ll be protected from the sun while rocking your best Barbie-core colors and patterns. Plus, you can accessorize your swimwear with cover-ups, hats, sandals, and even jewelry to boost your Barbie-core aesthetic.


Amazing Accessories

Barbie would never be caught without some amazing accessories! Think pink, heart-shaped sunglasses, white geometrical-shaped earrings, pastel pink hats, or fun hair clips. No matter which accessories you choose, adding a few ultra-feminine pieces to your outfit will boost your Barbie-core style even further!

Fun Tops

A nice top is an easy way to add fun Barbiecore colors to your wardrobe! Dress up a t-shirt with a blazer for work for a sophisticated style, or tuck in your tee into sporty shorts for a comfortable outfit while hiking. Or, grab a vibrant pink blouse and match it with long pants and fun flats for brunches out and coffee dates.

Looking for something comfy? A pink sweatshirt can be paired with a flowy skirt to accentuate comfort, style, and Barbie-core colors as well!



A necessity for any outfit, having the right footwear accentuates every look and ensures comfort and style. The nice thing about shoes is that you can pair them with anything and add a pop of color to any outfit.


Some pink flats can go with any dress or work outfit, while bright fuschia heels might be what stands out when you’re rocking a cute dress. Some canvas sneakers in any Barbie-core color are great for nights out, casual days, and walks around town. Whatever your activity, it is easy to sneak the Barbie-core aesthetic into your outfit with your shoes. Also, make sure you choose shoes that are comfortable, durable, and easy to wear with multiple types of outfits.

Let’s Go Party

Whatever your desired effect, Barbie-core can become a part of your wardrobe with just a few color additions and combinations! While you’re rocking your beautiful pink shoes, a comfortable white dress, and a pink hat to match, you can show off your glowing style while also imbuing the exuberant and independent style of iconic Barbie. Enjoy sprucing up your wardrobe with these suggestions!


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