6 Ways To Keep Your Family Hydrated This Summer


Once the summer months begin, most of you will look forward to spending more time on the beach, traveling to warm places, getting ready for your tan, taking your summer clothes out from the closet, or simply just spending more time outdoors. It’s also during the summer months when families love to go out and have picnics, or swim in their pools and let their children play outdoors more often. While it’s all bliss and fun, another thing you must also prepare for during the summer is your family’s hydration.  

Why Is Hydration Important?  

Replenishing your body with enough water every day is essential. Your body is composed of 60% water, which means all its bodily functions depend on your water intake. When you aren’t drinking enough fluids, that may lead to dehydration. Dehydration is rampant, and it can easily happen to anyone, especially during the summer months. The sun is hotter, the air is warmer, and you and your family spend more time outdoors, leading you to sweat more profusely than in the cooler months.   

When you’re dehydrated, it will cause stress and fatigue to your body, together with reduced energy and the inability to recover faster and focus well. Dehydration may also lead to more severe health issues, such as heat stroke and heart diseases, when it’s overlooked. Thus, you and your family must work together to keep each other hydrated and safe during the summer.  

Here are six ways to keep your family hydrated this summer and keep summertime dehydration at bay:

1. Drink Lots Of Water  

The most basic thing you and your family can do to up your hydration game during the summer days is by drinking plenty of water all the time. Perhaps, you’ve already heard about the eight-glasses-of-water policy. While this may be a good tip, it’s recommended that you drink water as much as possible and not just limit yourself to eight glasses.   

However, sometimes, the issue lies in your family’s willingness to drink more water, especially children. Some children are too busy having fun playing games under the sun that they won’t bother taking a water break. Unfortunately, it’s these little slips that would put children at risk for dehydration.  

Thus, as an adult, it’s up to you to help remind children and the rest of your family members about replenishing their bodies with water. You can click to find out more about how you can encourage your family to drink more water even if they don’t feel like it.   

2. Drink Water Before Leaving The House  

When you head out to the beach for your family day or go for a hike in the mountains, make sure that you let every single one of you drink at least a glass of water before stepping outside the door. This is to ensure that your body has enough stack of water ready to be used for the day’s activity. It’s also ideal if you include this as one of your family’s routines so that whenever any of you is heading outdoors, they’ll automatically help themselves with a glass of water.   

Aside from that, it’s also recommended that you drink water once you’ve returned home from your activity outdoors. Your body may have lost high amounts of fluids from sweating or urinating, and so you need to replenish the loss water before it leads to dehydration.  

3. Prepare Food With High Water Content  

Did you know that your body also rehydrates through the food you eat?  Approximately 80% of your fluid intake is sourced from the water you drink, while the other 20% is from your food intake. Thus, you need to ensure that you also prepare food rich in water content. Some of these include fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Fruits are perfect as summer snacks to keep you and your family hydrated while they’re playing under the sun or doing their workout sessions outdoors. Moreover, fruits are also delicious, colorful, and super refreshing, making them fun for kids to eat. Some of these fruits that are perfect for hydration are watermelons, oranges, berries, cantaloupes, and apples. If you want to serve them another way, you can throw them into fruit shakes and smoothies.  

Vegetables are also a perfect source of water. Not only are they good for rehydration, but they are rich in nutrients and vitamins, too, which are highly required by your body. Some of these vegetables good for rehydration include carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, celeries, and spinach. All of these fruits and vegetables mentioned will not only keep you hydrated throughout the day, but they’ll also keep you feeling full so you avoid overeating unhealthy foods. 

4. Take Enough Water With You 

Aside from drinking water at home, it’s also vital that all of you will drink enough water when you’re outdoors. Thus, make sure each of your family members has their own water tumbler, which they can easily carry wherever they go. Discourage the use of plastic water bottles as they’re more costly and can also contribute to more pollution. 

With reusable water tumblers, your family can easily refill their bottles before leaving the house. You can also refill your water tumblers in the office, the mall, and the nearest water refilling station. 

5. Dress According To The Weather 

The way you dress can also contribute to your body’s hydration. Wearing thick, dark clothing during summer will only result in your body accumulating more heat, resulting in faster dehydration. Thus, be mindful of what you and your family are wearing, especially when the weather is scorching. Some of the best fabric choices for warmer days include rayon, linen, and cotton blended with spandex or nylon.  

When it comes to choices of clothing, you can go for light-colored, ventilated t-shirts, shorts, skirts, or dresses. Make sure your clothes will let your bodies breathe and provide proper ventilation. Most importantly, when you and your family are outdoors, don’t forget to apply an ample amount of sunscreen to protect your skin from drying, dehydration, and the harmful rays of the sun.  

6. Avoid Sugary Drinks, Too Much Caffeine, And Alcohol

While it’s true that you need to replenish your body with enough liquid, some liquids are actually working against hydration. Some of these anti-hydration drinks include sugary sodas, wine, beer, caffeinated coffee, hard liquor, and artificial fruit juices. Most of these drinks are loaded with sodium, sugar, and other ingredients that can drain water off from your body. Thus, the best and healthiest option of beverage for rehydration is water. If you want to add some flavors, consider making your own fruit juices instead of buying the artificial ones from the store. 

Stay Hydrated!

The best way you can beat excessive perspiration and thirst during the summer months is to stay hydrated. Install these tips in mind to ensure you and your family are properly hydrated wherever you go. Remember, the key to having the best time of your summer months is keeping yourselves away from heat-related illnesses while spending your time outdoors.  



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