Brighten up Your Home on a Budget


While you may have a home in the traditional sense, in that there is a roof over your head and walls around you, but it may not currently feel like a permanent family space. Changing your home a bit can make it feel much more welcoming but can also set you back financially. Rather than trying to drastically change the entirety of your home, you may want to consider making some smaller changes which could have some wonderful effects. You could then gradually make more changes as time goes on, or save up for larger purchases. Here are some tips for brightening up your home on a budget.

Decorate the walls

Painting or applying wallpaper can require a large budget that is not currently available to you. Instead, you might want to consider the benefits you could reap if you order canvas prints from hello Canvas. These can come in a range of sizes, meaning you could find some that are suitable for each room in your house, from the smallest water closet to a large master bedroom. One of the benefits of ordering canvas prints can be the options available to – typically, the sky is the limit! A seller may give you the option to use your own personal photographs. This means you could upload images from your wedding, of your children, and even of your pets to decorate your home.

Alter the lighting

We have shared other home decorating ideas before about how lighting can drastically change the look and feel of your home, and that still stands true. It may not be necessary for you to learn about the mechanics of how light can reflect off of the walls and objects in each room, but it could allow you to better understand what may increase or decrease the brightness of the space. While changing your lightbulbs can help with this, you may also find that certain types of bulbs also decrease the amount of electricity you use, leading to less money spent on your bills. Another method of doing so can be to use mirrors within a space, which can help to give more reflective surfaces for existing light to reflect off of, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Use statement pieces

You may already have a number of furnishings present in your home. These may not necessarily stand out, making your rooms feel a little boring. Some people like to have comfortable items in their rooms, to promote relaxation. You can do this, and still make a statement within a space. By making or buying blankets in vibrant colors, and placing them strategically in a room, this could help to add a personal touch and make the rooms look a little more fun at the same time.

Brightening up your home can be achieved in the literal sense, by increasing the amount of light available, as well as through your decorative choices and how they bring out more positive emotions. Although there may be a lot you wish to change, it can be beneficial to consider some of the more important aspects, as well as those that involve less cost, to help you stick to a lower budget.


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