Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like beautiful seasonal decor! When you’re out doing your Christmas shopping this year, be sure to include your home on that list. And don’t let the gloomy headlines about supply chain shortages get you down. You can create gorgeous, awesome, unique decorations without breaking the bank. Read on to discover budget-friendly ways to spruce up your home that are fun for the whole family to engage in.

Use What You Have

Before hitting the shops or browsing the web, dive into your own storage bins and refresh your memory on what you already own. Last year, many of us didn’t go full-throttle on the Christmas decor. Or maybe you did, but few people got to see it. You’ve probably already got a lot of cute stuff that will go a long way toward transforming your home into a winter wonderland. Taking inventory ahead of time will save you money and time. 

Hold a Swap Shop

Another great option to score stuff without cracking open your wallet is to hold a Christmas decor swap meet. Get on the horn to family, friends and neighbors. Declutter your closets, and get a whole fresh batch of decor for free!

Hit the Consignment Shops

Retail stores aren’t the only place to hit when you’re looking for seasonal trimmings. Second-hand shops and charities like Good Will also have a decent selection, with the added bonus that you’re helping to keep stuff out of landfill.

Freshen Up

You can make old decor look exciting and new with a quick lick of paint. Take your tired nutcrackers and spray paint them gold for a glittering, modern attitude. Try this with your gingerbread houses and men, and any other baubles that are looking a little tired.


Making your own ornaments guarantees your decor will be like no one else’s. To save money, challenge yourself and the kids to get creative with things you already have on hand like paper, cardboard, yarn, glitter, dried pasta, and twine. Even if the bowtie pasta angels don’t turn out as planned, an ornament-making party is fun for everyone. Crafting and laughing together is a major stress-buster. DIY-ing ornaments will not only save you money, it will also create priceless memories.

Go Hunting

Take the kids on a hunting expedition — for natural decor. Go for a hike and let them collect anything that catches their eye: acorns, pinecones, seedpods, feathers, shells, and so on. As for greenery, that’s best collected in your own yard, or ask permission from neighbors. This one’s a triple win: get exercise, fresh air, and decorations that will be utterly unique.

Revisit Your Closet

Have a second look through your belongings and pull out any cute items even if they aren’t specifically designed with Christmas in mind. Bowls, platters, and jars all make perfect holders for things like lights, ornaments, and pinecones. Use a basket as a tree holder, or wrap it up in a beloved blanket à la Linus. And who says a green lunchbox wouldn’t make the perfect setting for your centerpiece? When it comes to decorating your home, you make the rules.

Reusable Greenery

Fresh greens impart that delightfully seasonal scent but they can be pricey, not to mention hard to find at the home center. By mixing fresh with faux, you can save money, and waste less. Whether it’s the garland twined around the stair bannister, draped across the mantlepiece, or the wreath on your front door, so long as some of the pieces are fresh, no one will notice the reusables.

Invest in Classics

While it’s fun to hop on all the latest trends, sticking to classic pieces and colors is going to serve you better. Red, green, and gold will always look good no matter what’s in fashion on any particular Christmas. By selecting quality decor that will last for years to come, you create not only a tradition, but also heirlooms to pass down to the next generation.


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