When life is hectic, you rarely get to go on a date with your partner. Whether you stay home or visit somewhere new, dates are crucial to spending quality time with the one you love most. It can be even more difficult on a budget — then, you hardly have time to do something and don’t have the funds to do just anything you want. These date ideas are great for parents who want to spend time together but don’t want to break the bank for a romantic date.

1. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

If possible, take a day off your busy schedule and have a loved one watch your kids. It’s time to catch up on that show you and your partner have been putting off but really want to watch. These dates can be fun and casual, and you don’t even have to dress up for them!

Over 70% of households have either Netflix or Amazon Prime Streaming media on demand is important to many families, but what do you do if you rarely have the time? You designate a binge-watching date with your partner. Plus, you get to choose the snacks and cozy up to the person you love most.

2. Volunteer Together

Volunteering can be a worthwhile experience that changes you as a person. If you and your partner are passionate about the same causes, encourage them to volunteer with you. It takes the pressure off both of you paying for a date and can help you make a difference in the world. If you and your partner love to mix it up occasionally, it may be the date you need.

3. Explore a New Dining Experience

People create strong bonds and traditions when they eat together, no matter where it’s happening. You end up paying more attention to one another than your surroundings. It’s a great way to catch up with your significant other, whom you live with but may not get to chat deeply with too often because of how busy your lives are. Plus, you’ll get to try out a new restaurant in your area — one that might just become your favorite.

4. Write Letters to Each Other

This simple date can take place in your home. Writing a letter to your special one won’t take long — once you put pen to paper, the words will start flowing. Take this time to tell your partner how grateful you are for them and how much you love them. It’s a special date that works with any budget and lets you keep words of love afterward.

5. Take a Hike

Hiking can be a great way to connect with nature and your loved one. You’ll have fewer distractions around you, so you can admire the scenery as you enjoy your time together. Try a trail that challenges you or visit a location you previously hiked at together. You’ll have a memorable experience together while exercising and enjoying beautiful views.

6. Visit an Arcade

Did you and your significant other once play games? When you have kids, you might have fewer game nights than you expected. Still, you can make a date of going to an old-school arcade and playing games with tokens. Just go in to have a good time — winning is secondary. However, it might be a fun challenge to see who can win the most tickets between you.

7. Have a Spa Night at Home

Spending time alone with your partner is one of the easiest ways to unwind from a hectic day. Pampering yourself and checking in with how you feel can help you avoid burnout, and when you’re spending time with your spouse, you can work together to lower one another’s stress. Put face masks on one another or order from your favorite restaurant. This date is amazing because you can have it for free, right in the comfort of your home.

8. Partake in Art Together

Making art is one of the best ways to decrease stress. Plus, you get to keep the final product and display it in your home. Set up a date area for you and your partner to paint or draw. If you want to add a unique spin to your art, consider swapping canvases or pages back and forth, helping each other complete your art.

If you aren’t a very creative couple, you can still appreciate the beauty of art by visiting your local museum. This way, you contribute to your local economy while enjoying famous pieces. Looking at art pieces can lower your stress levels, making it a worthwhile date idea in several ways.

Spend Time Without Spending Money

These date ideas are friendly toward any budget, with some requiring you to spend no money outside your usual monthly expenses. You don’t have to blow a bunch of money on a fancy date — you can find something just as wonderful to do in your town or even within your home. These opportunities will bring you and your partner closer together, and all you need to do is find a babysitter.


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