Emotions of Second Pregnancies



Second pregnancies are overwhelming. Mega blocks flying, dogs whining, emails unanswered; this time around it has been very easy to forget the joys of becoming pregnant. I will admit, sometimes there are days I ask myself if I will be able to handle two children when I can’t even manage to drink my coffee before it gets cold.

From nausea and migraines, to being overly exhausted; the first trimester is a blast I tell ya. Add a toddler to the mix and it’s a recipe for an overwhelming experience. I totally salute you mamas that have already done this two kid rodeo; or even those that have more than two children, seriously you rock. When my husband and I discussed having a second child, we knew it wouldn’t be easy but I guess you forget just how tiring pregnancies can be.

Second pregnancies are intimidating. You think that you have it all figured out. I mean, you’ve done this before, you’ve got this. Wrong. Did I really get this sick last time? Holy boob pain! Where did this come from? With my first pregnancy, I was working full-time and taking small naps when I got home. Now I am barely staying afloat chasing a toddler, making three meals for said toddler (oh, and myself), cleaning, running a business and working part-time for my family’s company; oy vey. (I have to give my husband credit where credit is due though, he works a tough work schedule and helps out as much as he can.)

We all know changing a toddler is like an MMA wrestling match. Having to protect your fresh little baby bump while changing a mini wrestler? Phew! Sweating just thinking about it. Potty training can’t come soon enough. Oh my gosh, I still have to potty train before this next little one arrives…


Second pregnancies are joyful. I must remember what a beautiful journey we are on. For us, having had fertility problems and miscarriages, it is more than just a journey; it is a miracle. I can do this. Through all the sleepless nights and the never-ending days, it is all worth it. It is beyond worth it.

I had my third ultrasound recently and I was watching the screen intently as my doctor was moving around the wand on my belly, only to be distracted because my toddler ran out of Goldfish and needed me to repeat the Thomas and Friends episode he was watching. Before I knew it, my doctor had completed the ultrasound and printed out our little picture to keep. It’s little things like this that get lost in second pregnancies, but it doesn’t mean we can’t experience the joy. As I sat at a red light on the way home, I just stared at the ultrasound picture in awe. Once again, we will be welcoming a sweet baby into our home.

The emotions with this second pregnancy certainly run wild and so does my toddler. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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