Essential Things Every Husband Should be Doing For His Wife


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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might be looking for effective ways to make your wife happy since she is the loving mother to both of your kids. While you and the kids might be looking for amazing mother’s day gifts for your wife, there are numerous other ways you can make her feel loved.

We are talking about the tiny efforts that count to make one’s marriage stronger and better with each passing day. Instead of asking what she can do for you, take another route and assess the situation about what you can potentially do for her to brighten her day and be the reason she smiled today.

The below-given list of small yet significant things is for all husbands looking for essential things to show that they value and love their wives to the moon and back. Have a fun read! 

Speak With Her in Her Love Language

It is no shocker that men and women tend to express and show their love differently to each other. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to categorize the difference in love expression as something related to gender roles. It has something much more to do with one’s personality.

You might have been married together for over two decades. However, your love language might be entirely different from one another. The chances are high that the things that make you feel loved and appreciated aren’t the same as hers.

For instance, you might be expressing your love by tending to the children and cooking a meal, whereas she, on the other hand, might be wanting you to bring her some flowers and give her a back massage. If this is the case, the scenario would include putting in the efforts and her being disappointed.

That said, it is time to stop amid the making, drop your love language, and roll with her love language instead. Do what she wants you to do while speaking to her in her love language. If you are not an observant husband and having a hard time discovering her love language, simply ask her what she wants. 

Don’t Withhold a Hug

Women crave touch and physical closeness outside the bedroom. It all comes naturally. As a husband, you might reminisce about the initial days before marriage when you didn’t have to think twice about holding her close and giving her a good foot and back massage, now and then.

Realistically, the longer we are married, the harder it becomes to take out time from the kids, bills, and two-jobs that we try to hold onto while trying to pay off the mortgage for our homes. Irrespective of how well we think we might be prepared for marriage, life can get hard as we actively try to work out the vows.

That said, as life gets busy, her need to feel appreciated and loved by you doesn’t get less. The only affection she might be craving comes from you since she is yours for the remainder of her life. Take care of her. An unexpected back massage and a loving hug might be everything she needs to brighten her day! 

Share Her Burden

This step is essential for those husbands who have full-time housewives who have taken up the entire responsibility of caring for their home, children, and their family’s overall well-being. Think about why you got married in the first place to the amazing woman by your side?

Many things are appealing to someone when they make the active decisions of getting married. It might be the vivid imagination of growing older together and getting through the different challenges of life as one team. Another part of the appeal hails from the need to have someone’s shoulder to carry your burden with.

That said, it is the perfect time to give her some rest and share some of her burdens. Make her feel well-rested emotionally, physically, and mentally. You don’t need to do much. You, simply being there when she needs you the most, will generate a favor for you as well. At times, when you will feel sown, she will put her issues on the side and become strong enough to be there for you.




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