With the holidays quickly approaching, most travelers have booked their trips for the season.  For those still looking for last-minute deals, here are some ideas that are popular for this time of year, whether you are looking for a warmer or colder destination.

Popular Warmer Destinations Popular Colder Destinations
Bahamas Banff
Costa Rica Quebec City
Mexico Switzerland


Planning ahead: Travel predictions and tips

This is the best time of year to start thinking and planning for Spring! I know, you are telling yourself, I have time, I mean it is only November, but actually, this is the perfect time! Black Friday deals will be happening soon and just like most retailers, the travel industry does the same thing! Cruise lines and Group Travel Partners alike will be offering deals for 2024.  

When you are thinking about your destinations for Spring 2024, here are some travel predictions and tips that are currently trending, but also some that are underrated.

Popular Spring Destinations Underrated Spring Destinations
London Galapagos
Caribbean Cruises Montreal
Skiing in Colorado Peru


Travel advisors are your key to travel predictions and tips

Connecting with a travel advisor provides you with specialized deals and customized itineraries that will allow you to create memories of a lifetime! As a travel advisor, I create value by using my time and connections to make your vision a reality, all while helping you keep your sanity!

Let’s be honest, how many hours does it take to plan a one-week trip? Forget about hours, the process can take MONTHS of meticulous planning. That’s why my clients love having me as their time-saving sidekick.  Instead of allowing travel planning to take over all of their free time, my clients skip the endless browser tabs, and online deals and just make one phone call to me instead. I meticulously plan their itineraries, so they don’t have to. Their travel plans are tailored to their tastes and created to make every single minute of their vacation count. No guesswork. No sifting through articles, booking engines, reviews, and Instagram posts to find hotels, things to do, and places to eat. Bottom line: your time is precious. Travel planning doesn’t need to be something you take on all by yourself.

Savings: The #1 travel prediction and tip

Now, let’s go back to that magical word, SAVINGS!

Here are just a few of my Money Saving travel hacks to live by:

  1. Look for value not necessarily deals. Deals do not always work out to be cheaper.
  2. Work with a travel agent who can get you the best *value* for your budget.
  3. Do not always measure in money, measure in your time spent too.

Whether you are looking for a memorable trip for the family, an adventure down the historical road, a scenic couples retreat, or an escape just for the girls, I can help!  I would love to set up a complimentary call so I can get to know what type of trip you’re looking to plan, and we’ll see if we’d be a good fit.


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