How to Capture Beautiful, Fun Photos of Your Kids!


If you love taking photos of your kids but want to take it up a notch, check out these pro-photography pointers to take your own gorgeous photos; of your kids, family & everyday adventures!

You don’t need a fancy camera.

Remember – the best camera is the one you have with you- so even camera phones can be just as great if you have a. good eye and a unique moment or portrait opportunity is happening before you. Here are a few tips to remember:

Consider the location.

Which angle is best? Where is the light coming from? Would my subject look better from a different angle? Are there unhelpful distractions in the background? See if any of these elements can be controlled – either by adjusting the scene or adjusting yourself/your position.

Give them something to do to make it fun.

Lord knows my kids are sick of me asking to take their photo, but if I make it fun and game-like then they are all for it. Remember, it does not need to be posed to be amazing. Capture them running, kicking, dancing, playing, cooking, telling stories. Use props if you need to but sparsely though, as that can easily get too complicated quickly.

Do a little prep work.

If you envision a specific pose or background, set up the shot how you want it first – without them there. It sounds counter intuitive but get your settings and composition right and THEN call them over to get in the shot. You. now what their attention spans are like and often the window for voluntary participation is SO short.

Use depth of field to distinguish the subject from the background. Basically, this is when you use a wider aperture to focus on the subject, with less of the background is in focus.

Take advantage of natural light.

But be ready to enhance it if necessary. Use your camera settings and flash if necessary or move the kids around to make sure that the lighting angle is good.

Donna Taliercio Graybill, Seventh Wave Photo Films

And most importantly – ENJOY your shoot.

Photography is a fun rabbit hole to fall down and there is always so much more to learn.

Good luck!

~Donna Taliercio Graybill, guest blogger


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