Our “Hodgepodge” Christmas Tree


We have what I fondly call a “hodgepodge” Christmas tree, decorated with all sorts of ornaments that we’ve collected over many years.  Each Christmas, I love unwrapping the tissue paper from every ornament and remembering its origin.  Some of our ornaments graced my family’s Christmas tree when I was growing up.  My husband and I both have ornaments that we collected before we were married.  Each year we add new photo ornaments, and I always manage to purchase a few additional ornaments during the Christmas season.  When our girls were small, I started ornament collections for them.  Now that they are older, they select their own additions.  G has always loved the Wizard of Oz so every year she finds a new one at the Hallmark store.

IMG_6440  IMG_6435

E decided on a “cooking” theme and each year she adds to her collection.  They both love putting their special ornaments on our tree.

IMG_6434 IMG_6445

I’ve added some other decorations to our tree that are special to me.  Each year I hang my mother’s Christmas pin on our tree.  A key to my childhood home that we sold years ago also has a place on our tree.  It is certainly not a traditional ornament, but it makes me smile every year.

IMG_6405 IMG_6408

When I was in high school, my mother made a needlepoint tree skirt.  We use it each year and I feel certain that she’s smiling in Heaven knowing that her tree skirt holds all of her granddaughters’ gifts.


I love the ornaments that we’ve received as gift over the years.  As we add each one to our tree, we remember special friends.  And while I sort of miss it, the years when our daughters hung most of the ornaments on the bottom half of the tree are behind us.  Actually, their tree trimming skills have surpassed mine.  While themed trees are lovely, we love our “hodgepodge” tree!   What makes your Christmas tree special?



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