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The first repeat author in my series of favorite books of the month and quite honestly I am not surprised that Devney Perry is the author to do it. Her books never fail to put a smile on my face and when she’s writing in the romantic suspense genre, I believe her talent is unmatched. I’d like to thank Devney Perry and Valentine PR for sending me an advance review eBook copy of Sable Peak to read and review before it was formally released to the world.

Sable Peak is the sixth and final (sob) installment of her Eden’s series. To say I am not ready to say goodbye to this fictional family is the understatement of the year. I truly believe you need to start with Griffin and Winn’s story in Indigo Ridge to appreciate the series as a whole. The books up until Sable Peak can be read as a standalone, but I firmly believe you have to read the fifth book, Crimson River, before this one. I will explain why! If you want to read this series and want to avoid spoilers, leave now because I have to explain the ending of Crimson River.

If you read my summary of Crimson River, Vera (the heroine in Sable Peak) is the big break in the case of who attacked Lyla Eden. Turns out Vance Sutter knew all along who he was looking for in Quincy, his old partner who was accused of killing his family. Vance sees Vera, the daughter no one knew survived that night in Idaho, at the store in downtown Quincy and he follows her to their home in the woods. Eventually, Vance convinces them that Vera is better off with him in town and is willing to spin a story to the FBI and local police to keep his partner still hidden in the woods – I won’t ruin the why behind that if you’re still here after my earlier spoiler alert, read Crimson River to understand! The characters, why they are the way they are and the backstory in Crimson River are vital to appreciating Sable Peak.

Sable Peak Summary:

Vera Gallagher is adjusting to life in Quincy, Montana. She has a new job, she’s thinking about school and she has been brought into the Eden family fold by Vance Sutter. Her life is getting back on track after losing her sisters and life on the run for the last four years. Her unrequited crush on Mateo Eden is just a bump in the road. She watches Mateo learn that he has a daughter and him stepping up to the plate to take care of his daughter full time only fuels her crush on him. But one night, one drunken speech changes everything.


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Favorite Quotes:

“You went hiking? Where?” “Sable Peak.” “That’s my favorite trail.” “I know.”

“I’m done waiting for you to see me.”

“You’re flying an airplane, Peach.”

“Clear and a million. Today I was seeing clear and a million.”

“These past seven days had been a test. I’d wanted to see how often she crossed my mind – so often that I’d stopped counting.”

“How are my girls?”

“This wasn’t a little secret. This was the secret.”


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