It doesn’t matter if you’re a thrill ride addict, an expert on pampering packages, or a culture vulture always looking for the next place to find inspiration, there’s a little something for everyone in Florida. But when it comes to making the entire family happy, where are you going to find a bit of everything? 

With homes up for sale in Naples FL, Orlando, Miami, and many other popular places in the Sunshine State, more families are looking to explore some local entertainment. So, whether you’re already settled here, or testing out a family trip before a potential move, here are the top attractions for Florida families that guarantee a memorable day out. 

Walt Disney World in Orlando 

Florida and Disney World are pretty much synonymous at this point, and when you see the eyes of your little ones widen with pure joy and excitement, you’ll find yourself beaming brighter than the Orlando sunshine that smiles down on your incredible day out. 

The magic of Disney World is unlike any other, with colorful characters, water parks, theme parks, and much more, this is a true fairytale for the entire family.

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon in Naples

For family fun in Naples, there are unlimited adventures to be had in the stunning surroundings of this waterpark that offers slides, rides, chutes, and diving boards for little swimmers of all ages. 

LEGOLAND in Orlando 

LEGOLAND isn’t just for the kids. It’s a wonderful combination of nostalgia and modern fun for children and the young at heart alike. 

There are sections dedicated to all age groups, and with so many awe-inspiring statues (built out of actual LEGO bricks!), there’s never a dull moment for any LEGO-loving family.

Everglades National Park in Everglades 

Florida family attractions aren’t always about noise, water slides, and rides. Sometimes, it’s nice to spend some quality time together and bond as a family somewhere that’s rich with nature and stunning landscapes.

At Everglades National Park, nature lovers can paddle through waterways and observe the Sunshine State’s most beautiful animals and wildlife, enjoy long walks, or even take a hike before camping together as a family under the stars. 

Naples Botanical Garden 

Getting the kids to put down their electronic devices can sometimes feel like a victory in itself, so give them a reason to keep off their phones by exposing them to some natural views with Naples Botanical Gardens’ 170 acres of plants spanning all cultures and geographical locations. 

A true love letter to greenery, they even offer kids the chance to try some hands-on gardening for themselves to cultivate the next generation of nature lovers. 

Universal Studios in Orlando 

Universal Studios is one of Florida’s most iconic attractions, welcoming lovers of cinema to embrace the magic of rides featuring Minions, Harry Potter, and many more much-loved characters. 

With stunt shows, theme park rides, and incredible places to eat, Orlando has managed to condense some of the greatest movies of all time into one unforgettable location. 


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